11 March 2017

His Master’s Bol (HMB) – Friday evening relaxation

“Mere ashk bhi hai is mein
Ye sharaab ubal na jaaye
Mera jam chhoonewaale
Tera haath jal na jaaye

Meri zindagi ke maalik
Mere dil pe haath rakhna
Tere aane ki khushi mein
Mera dam nikal na jaaye”

Roughly translated…

Referring to the goblet of wine…

“My tears are flowing in this goblet too
Hope the wine does not spill over
You – who is trying to touch my goblet
Be careful that your fingers don’t get singed.

Oh! You – who truly own my life
Place your hand on my heart
(So that) In my ecstasy that you have finally come
I do not run out of breath (and die) !!

Posted March 11, 2017 by Rajib Roy in category "Music/Poetry

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