25 January 2014

Interesting antonyms !

After the Tech fair competition, on our way back, Nikita and I stopped at a Starbucks. The entrance to the Starbucks was a little convoluted. On our way out, we got stuck. After pulling out of the parking spot, I could not move forward since there was a car there waiting to move who was waiting for the car in front to move who could not take a right turn because another car was blocking the way trying to come in. And that car could not move either since there was a car in front of it who wanted to get into my parking spot. But it could not do that till I cleared out!!

So, I explained to Nikita that in computer science, this is what is called a “deadlock”. Nobody could move since we had a circular dependency. Eventually, all the drivers realized that we have an unsolvable problem. It was solved when the car wanting to take a left turn, decided instead to go forward into the Drive Thru lane.

As I finally pulled forward, Nikita asked, “So, are we Liveopen now?”.

I am like – “What? Oh!!!!” 🙂

Posted January 25, 2014 by Rajib Roy in category "Humor

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