23 October 2020

Friday evening with Avi at the local cigar bar

I do not smoke at all but the evenings with Avi at the local cigar bar are always memorable. First, there are all the new folks I meet (last night met somebody who was born in Finland and another person – Robert – who is moving right next to where we lived in the Dallas area). Then there are the old folks – the owners, the barpersons – Susan, April, the cigar guy – Mason. It is always great to catch up with them.

And then after everybody leaves – the deep discussions and reflections on life we two do. Last night we were there till about 12:30 am before we slipped out from the outside gate. The previous time was about the Declaration of Independence. This time it was about relationships of human beings. We both agreed that we need to pick up from where we left next time we meet. It is too long a topic to finish in a day or two.

Great times!!

22 October 2020

Evening out with the Das family

It was long time in the making. Finally caught up with the Das family. I recollect meeting them for the first time when Atanu was the invited artist to sing at my 50th birthday. That was about four and a half years back. Gita used to come to Chalupa – the local running group – but I think she dropped out and in any case, I started running at different times than the group.

Caught up on a lot of stuff in one evening! How is an evening with the Das-es, you ask? “Das” ist good!! 🙂

21 October 2020

Reached the next 1000 mile marker

16,000 miles in the 34th month! I am very afraid to say this but the right turns are becoming easier – or at least feeling better…

Whether riding solo or in the group, the sensation of happiness while riding is unique. Of course, north Georgia roads make it that much more enjoyable.

As the old saying goes… Four wheels move the body… Two wheels move the soul!

20 October 2020

Late evening out with the Dynamic Duo

Needed to work a little late last night. In between did some chapters on random sampling methods (in stats) with Niki. Looks like she is taking a liking to statistics just like me. (I started studying statistics in my junior year to – but that was in 1983).

Anyways, after everything was over – joined Sharmila, Dipanjan and Parijat for a quick drink at the local pub.

20 October 2020

It is like we are on a three year circadian rhythm

After moving to Atlanta in 2007, it took me quite some time to realize that my classmate from my department in college – Aluru Srinivas – also is in the same city. Met him after 1989 for the first time in 2014. Then three years later, in 2017, met him again along with some of our other hostel mates visiting at that time.

And then another three years later, I met him again yesterday. Good discussions around all our classmates and what they are up to these days. One of the topics I learnt about is how marketable a CS degree is – especially in academia. I have a CS degree too but I was never good enough for academia. My journey took me to the corporate side.

It was good seeing Aluru again!

19 October 2020

Beauty in assymetry

Fairly unique patterns in each of the petals (including two that are completely bland). This exact set of pattern is present in each and every flower. I have no idea what the name of the flower is. Saw this planted in a pot while pacing up and down on a phone call outside the place where I work…

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