23 June 2023

Should be an unique experience

After being away from the airport for 9 days – in what must be some sort of a record for me – here I am, on a flight again. This time headed to Denver. For something I don’t usually do.

During my never ending travels, I do take the opportunity to meet friends and folks from my past who might be living nearby. Almost always one on one. But I never make it to any of the reunions that are organized by folks from my past. Partly because these are invariably during weekends and my weekends are usually jam packed with all sorts of stuff.

In the recent past there has been a couple of exceptions. It is related to the fact that I do not work any more. In fact, on my first day of stepping out of work this year, I showed up in San Diego with Sharmila for a reunion of my year dorm folks from my engineering college.

A few days back, Srini called me up and said – “Hey the CPC gang is getting together. Do you want to come?”. Apparently many of the folks that were in my first project in my first job in Mumbai – who are now in the USA – had had some extensive discussions on Whatsapp groups to arrange for a get together. The problem is I do not participate in any Whatsapp groups either and was completely oblivious of this.

Figuring I did not have anything else going on and that these days I cannot differentiate which is a weekend day and which is a weekday anyways, I signed up!!

And here I am … going to meet those folks that I started working with in 1991 and some that I have not seen since 1993. But we were all part of what most of us consider to be one of the best projects of our lives!!

Shoutout to Srini for bringing my attention to this.

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