29 October 2017


Drove to my in laws’ place in Durgapur yesterday and spent an hour with them. Most of the discussions there were around physical ailments and doctors and medicines. Decided I was eminently too young to be involved in those discussions 🙂 Letting my brother hold fort with them, I ventured out in their garden (my father in law has great green thumbs) to see if I could take some pictures of flowers with my iPhone.

This one, I believe is a Radhachura. Not sure of the English name. We grew up in Durgapur with this flower and its close relative Krishnachura (which was entirely yellow in color).

Anybody knows the English names?

Posted October 29, 2017 by Rajib Roy in category "Vacations


  1. By Rajib Roy on

    Are you sure about the gulmohar bit? I thought you need all red petals and one spotted petal to be a gulmohar.

    1. By Bijit Bose on

      Absolutely correct – these are neither Krishnachura nor Radhachura – these are peacock flowers. I retract from my earlier statement. I have seen this too earlier and was not very sure – thanks Kavita!

  2. By Mallika Mandal on

    Rajib if the flower is red then it is Krishnachura /Gulmohar ,and if it is yellow then it is Radhachura .I have also seen another colour which was blue in colour beside Alloy Steel Stadium and Nehru Stadium ,but they were very few in numbers . Don’t know whether those trees are still there or not .

  3. By Rajib Roy on

    Okay. Other than the fact everybody agrees that this is NOT Radhachura as I claimed, I still have multiple divergent answers to what it really is….

    1. By Bijit Bose on

      There is no bengali name to my knowledge. These are comparatively new species in India. The is always a shrub while krishnachura and radhachura are trees.

  4. By Meena Rawat on

    Radhachura is peeli gulmohar/ neeli gulmohar is Jacaranda/ lal gulmohar is common summer blooms


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