4 November 2014

Love is in the air!

For a guy who finds himself way too many times 30,000 feet or more off terra firma, this is a fascinating story: Southwest Airlines planned out the wedding of two of their business and frequent flyers to each other. (The much flown couple approached the airlines who immediately jumped in).

Give it to Southwest for knowing how to make it fun. Other than bands and balloons at the gate, they handed out invitation cards along with boarding passes to the other passengers, who were of course, clueless!!!

The flower girl walked down the aisle (ha ha) handing out…. get this… peanuts!!! (you have to know the reference to Southwest ads to get this)

Whoever got them married used the stewardess’s microphone to make the announcements!! He certainly had a way of ad libbing…

“We are gathered here today…” he started as usual…. and then added “whether we intended to or not…” …. “to celebrate the wedding of ….!!! sending the whole plane into squeals of laughter!

But the absolute hilarious part was the official finishing it up with the following variant of the original words:

“If anyone can show just cause why they might not be lawfully joined together, let them push their flight attendant call button now or forever hold your peace.”

Give it up for Southwest for knowing how to make it fun!!

(BTW, in case you did not know, Southwest’s stock ticker is LUV – named after the Love Field airport they operate out of in Dallas)

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  1. By Amit Paranjape on

    Remember those local SW ads from 10-15 years back (the AA v.s. SW .. DFW v.s. Lovefield legal arguments).. “Set love free!” 🙂


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