25 January 2014

Penny wise pound foolish!!

At Westlake High School in Atlanta. Niki was sent from her school for a Technology Fair competition. It is amazing to see the talented kids. Some of the parents – umm, not so much.

Okay, admittedly, there is some confusion about room assignments. (Niki was shifted twice). And some are running too close to their allotted times. But what is the big idea yelling at the volunteers? For the record, the volunteers are going out of their way to be helpful. One even loaned his laptop to a competitor whose laptop crashed.

It is terrible how such seemingly bright students are picking up the wrong examples of how to treat other people.

In any case, here is Nikita setting up her project….


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  1. By Tina Luzzi Frausto on

    I’m at the tech fair at River Ridge with Dylan… Well kinda, he is 3 rows over from me in the cafeteria and would prefer that I not interrupt him and his techie buddies as they prepare…. Hmmmph, so much for my computer science degree from one of the top computer science schools in the country!

  2. By Lee Grice on

    We did that during Will’s middle school years. Actually, great fun to see the kids hard work come to bear. Long (sometimes boring) days when lots of time between events, but I met a lot of great parents and students during these events. If you can come out of your shell a bit, you’ll meet a lot of interesting folks. 🙂

  3. By Somya Chaudhary on

    Yup! Agree. There was a lady shoving her way in front of Neha during checking in time and I had to tell her we were behind the child in front- she said they had been moved from another row, but still! We too were in the wrong room and even though the volunteers had no idea where I should go, I had three attempting to help me! But what a big confusion!!!! They do need to do a better job in organizing the kids. So many were in the wrong rooms with no idea where to go…. And the judging had started.

  4. By Kuntal Sengupta on

    Sorry to say..what you see today possibly is the fundamentals reason behind the disconnect between the demographics of the bright high school and college kids vs the demographics of succesful enterpreneurs in the real world..


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