30 May 2020

The girl does make me proud at times… (puzzle)

Usually, it is her sharp wit and acerbic comebacks. And at times it is her math capabilities. (It does take a nerd to recognize another).

Recently, my nephews had sent me a puzzle. Using 1, 1 and 1, you have to make 6. Similarly, using 2, 2 and 2… and then 3,3, and 3… and so on. You can use the normal mathematical operators – but no other digits. For example 2+2+2 = 6; They had given me till 10,10,10.

8 is a little tricky. It would be 8 – sqrt (sqrt (8+8)). Note that sqrt symbol does not use a digit.

During the walk last evening, Niki and tried 11,11,11 and then 12,12,12 and so. Once we reached 19,19,19… she said something that helped us find a completely generic way of getting to 6 given any number (repeated thrice).

For example, can you get 6 using 73, 73 and 73?

Note that you cannot split 73 into 7 and 3.

The mathematical operators allowed (any number of times) are plus, minus, multiply, divide, parentheses, square root, log and factorial. Give it a shot!

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25 May 2020

From the bartender’s corner – Roq Candy

Love the color of the drink. I took a few pictures with my normal black background and then out in the yard. The color comes from the light blue color of Hypnotiq and the pale yellow color of pineapple juice. For the alcohol, you put in vodka. I am not the biggest fan of pineapple juice but the drink was good for a hot day after a long motorbike ride.

25 May 2020

Memorial Day ride

One of those days that you get to see all motor bikers come out of their garages. Great weather – bright sunlight and warm temperatures. Took a 70 mile spin by myself and then stopped for coffee at Espressos Coffee.

25 May 2020

The legs are getting weary

54 years of standing up and 15 years of pounding the trails – the muscles are getting a bit stiff. The left hip is the main challenge.

Usually yoga, stretches and hot tub gives a lot of relief – but did I mention that I have lost some of the discipline in that? Need to get back on the horse again… of course, the left hip permitting 🙂

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18 May 2020

This week’s puzzle

This week is another area problem. Take a rectangle ABCD (as shown here). Draw two lines from the adjacent vertices A and D to two random points E and F on the opposite side such that they intersect within the rectangle. See picture below. Nothing is drawn to scale. The area of the two triangles are 4 and 16. One of the quadrilaterals has an area of 10. What is the area of the other quadrilateral?

Again, this is geometry from elementary school with a twist to it.

Note that the original version of the problem that I had posted had the quadrilateral area as 1 instead of 10. Harmindar Matharu successfully proved that such a diagram is not possible. I should have been more careful while picking some values for those areas…