25 May 2020

From the bartender’s corner – Roq Candy

Love the color of the drink. I took a few pictures with my normal black background and then out in the yard. The color comes from the light blue color of Hypnotiq and the pale yellow color of pineapple juice. For the alcohol, you put in vodka. I am not the biggest fan of pineapple juice but the drink was good for a hot day after a long motorbike ride.

7 May 2020

From the bartender’s corner – Monte Carlo

A Monte Carlo is basically a variation of a Manhattan and dates back to 1948. It uses Rye Whisky (I used Templeton) and bitters (I used Angostura). And instead of vermouth, it uses Benedictine. Being a brandy based liqueur with something like 56 herbs and spices (that includes saffron), it brings a very different flavor and finish to the sips.