2 April 2020

What color is my car?

The Taziki app asked for my car color when I ordered food for a curbside pickup. I put in as precise a car color as I could for this time of the year.

Turns out I need not have worried about they getting me mixed up with somebody else. I was the only car in the whole parking lot!!

3 February 2020

Another first when it comes to delayed flights…

I have had flights get delayed for pretty much every conceivable reason. Or so I thought, till now.

Sitting on a very early flight to Chicago. Everybody on board and doors all closed. But the pilot just came on the PA and announced that we are going to be delayed in pulling out of the gate. Apparently, we do NOT have enough bags!

Did you know that? There needs to be a minimum weight of bags in the cargo hold? Or is it a balance issue? We are now waiting for 400 pounds of ballast to arrive to be loaded.

I did my good day’s job though – checked in my 7 pound overnighter. Apparently, I did not pack enough 🙂

(I like checking in my bag so that I do not have to fight for overhead bin space; I love being one of the last persons to get onboard).