4 May 2020

Last evening’s lakeside visit

We had our socially-distanced friends (technically, I believe, socially-close but physically-distanced) Rakesh Rao and Priti Rao join us. The lake was beautiful. Although, all of a sudden the clouds came over and the wind felt much cooler than the temperatures on the thermometer would read. It was a rare lakeside trip in the sense, after a long time, we did not meet Ashley Finley. It was her day off!

Nonetheless, had a blast with the Raos.

2 February 2020

A memorable quote from Priti

Last evening, during drinks with Rakesh, Bani, Priti and Avi, somehow the discussions veered towards life, priorities and all those stuff. Avi is taking a break from work – so we were justifiably excited about his adventurous plans.

At one point of time, I mentioned that there is an exact metric to judge how much work we did not have to do in life. And that is the bank balance you will leave behind when you die.

Priti, very thoughtfully, came up with what I thought was a memorable way to put the same sentiment… “Your last check should bounce” 🙂 🙂