12 May 2020

Spring evening

I know I am supposed to be trying to get on to my unicycle or at least finish out a few more pages of the book I am reading … but then again there is the cool temperatures outside, a nice fire, a strong cocktail, the faithful dog and Sharmila…. hmmm… I am indeed a weak man!

10 May 2020

Nikispeak – admiring my skills

Came back home from my run to a veritable storm hit zone. The three women at home, obviously have been at each other’s throats.

I felt the innate urge to finish off some yard work – really any yard work – come upon me stronger than ever before.

Which meant, I went to the poolside with a drink and relaxed in the sun. Eventually the two daughters came over.

The elder one was all complaining.

I asked her “Why are you letting that affect you?”

“Well, you are never here when mom has all these fights with us.”

To which, Niki added “… and we admire that quality in you.”

I could not help but laugh aloud!!

2 May 2020

It was 22 years back

A little past 10 PM, somebody handed me this bundle of life. I was still mesmerized by the process of childbirth. Sharmila had a C-section after a long day of labor and epidural shots. I was totally taken in by how modern surgery works. As the knife went through the human body, what hit me was that there was no blood hurtling out. All there was some steam/smoke and hissing sound. Much later, I found out how today’s surgical instruments auto-cauterize.

After the incisions had gotten to a certain level, the doctor told Sharmila – “You will feel some pressure”. A few of them applied pressure around her underbelly and soon I was seeing something I had not seen ever before. There was a human body lying down. And up from the belly was a popped up head. All bloody, pale white and crinkly. A few deft cleanups from the staff and the head had started leaving the mothership and started its presence felt with this full-throated cries.

The doctor – who till that point of time – had been peppered with all sorts of questions from me (and patiently answered them all) explained that the irritating noise was a good sign. Apparently, the lungs were functioning.

I had stepped to the front of the bed to tell Sharmila that everything is fine. I think she asked me some questions and I might have even answered them. All I remember next is that the same doctor then took a few steps and handed over the baby – now fully wrapped – to me.

“I have to say this. You are the most curious dad I know. Nobody has asked me so many questions.”
“Sorry if I bothered you doc. I have never seen a child birth before.”
“No issues. But for all that curiosity, there is something that is still surprising me”.
“What is that?”, I asked confused.
“Do you at least want to know if it is a boy or a girl?”

I had completely forgotten! We were told it will be a girl but that these things can change in rare occasions. (It happened to my dear friend Sunil and Anannya Roy – it is all about presence or absence of evidence, if you know what I mean, in the sonogram)

Stunned, I asked “What is it?”
“A daughter!”
“Cool”, I said relieved that I do not have to fight over the whole naming thing with Sharmila all over again.

And that is how this now-22-year-old became mine!

Happy Birthday, Natasha!

28 April 2020

Some things never change!!!

As of today, I have spent as many years with her as without her. Does this mean I am ready for a mid life crisis? 🙂

A lot of things have changed in the 27 years but one thing has not – she still can’t figure out which anniversary it is for us. Nikita asked her last night “Which year did you get married?”. She got it wrong again. At least she is becoming consistent. If her answer last night was true, she was totally justified in giving me the 20th anniversary gift that she did on our 19th anniversary!!!

26 April 2020

You know why she is laughing so much?

Nikita could not find her phone. So, she called her own phone from the home phone.
The phone happened to be right next to where Sharmila was sitting.
She picked up the phone, DID NOT realize that the number is our own home phone number, ASSUMES it is a friend of Nikita and starts talking to her!!
Then she went… “Wait for a second. This is Niki’s mom. Let me get her”.
Niki must have said something.
This was the result!! She could not stop laughing for five minutes.
And she calls me the crazy one!!