14 May 2020

Greg Jones!!

Went for a run in the morning at my usual trail. Since it was morning, there was not too many people out there. I was putting in my run at my pace, when I thought I saw somebody I knew!

Met Greg after a long time. In fact, the last time I met him might have been in a different trail when he and his wife was finishing up a run and I was starting my own. Greg and I used work together a couple of jobs back and is one of the coolest dude around.

Met his dog – I think Bodie is his name. You can see that “you are getting me late” look on his face. Apparently he goes for 15 mile runs at whatever pace you want him to!

“Greg, you were off the trails with that injury, right?”
“Yes, I am starting to recover now.”
“How many miles are you putting these days?”
“About 50 miles – “
“Sounds about right as you recover”, I said assuming he was giving me his monthly number.
“ – a week”!

The man and his dog are crazy. We agreed to go out on our motorcycles one of these days.

12 May 2020

Spring evening

I know I am supposed to be trying to get on to my unicycle or at least finish out a few more pages of the book I am reading … but then again there is the cool temperatures outside, a nice fire, a strong cocktail, the faithful dog and Sharmila…. hmmm… I am indeed a weak man!

10 May 2020

Nikispeak – admiring my skills

Came back home from my run to a veritable storm hit zone. The three women at home, obviously have been at each other’s throats.

I felt the innate urge to finish off some yard work – really any yard work – come upon me stronger than ever before.

Which meant, I went to the poolside with a drink and relaxed in the sun. Eventually the two daughters came over.

The elder one was all complaining.

I asked her “Why are you letting that affect you?”

“Well, you are never here when mom has all these fights with us.”

To which, Niki added “… and we admire that quality in you.”

I could not help but laugh aloud!!