23 April 2022

“Badal yun garajta hain”

First time I listened to the cassette of Betaab – right after finishing my tenth grade exams, I remember being struck by the pronounced sound effects of thunder in this song. Not one to watch movies much, I did not have the visual backdrop. That did not quite matter much, since I loved the tune of this song. And every other song of this movie. No wonder it became the biggest hit of that year.

Folks who grew up at that time listening to the songs of Betaab, did you have a favorite song? The others were “Jab Hum Jawan Honge”, “Teri Tasveer Mil Gayee”, “Tumne Dee Awaaz”, and “Apne Dil Se Badi Dushmani Ki”.

Got this vinyl from Kolkata when I was in India in March.

22 April 2022

Glimpse of our empty nesting days to come?

It was one of those gorgeous Friday evenings in Atlanta. It was warm but drafty. Sat down on our Adirondacks in the patio with a glass of wine to wave at passers by and catch up on my weekly Economist reading.

Presently, Sharmila and Jay Jay joined me. And you can see the effect of the said light breeze on a warm day on them!!

19 April 2022

First time after Mar 13, 2020

Yesterday, while flying into Salt Lake City, I got a notification on my news feed that the mask mandate in planes had been struck down by a Federal judge in Florida. In the evening, I got a note from Delta that masks are optional in their flights. But they also warned that not all TSA agents and airline employees might receive the memos in time. So, we ought not to push the case for a day or two.

And I got on my return flight today – the first day of mask mandate not being there. 25 months after my last maskless flight! Be it the airport, security gates, Delta sky club or the plane – most folks had their masks off! Nobody bothered anybody. Even the Uber driver told me I did not need to put a mask on!!

Now I have to pay attention to shaving carefully 🙂

18 April 2022

What is the difference?

My friend Somya commented on a previous post of mine about the beautiful fog in our area (we live very close by) that she found the mist very beautiful too.

That got me thinking – what is the difference between a fog and a mist? I often use them interchangeably. Or a haze for that matter. After doing some internet searching, here is what I have gathered.

A fog is essentially a low lying cloud. It is low enough that it touches the ground level (the ground you are on might up in the hills). Being a cloud, it forms slowly by evaporation of water from water bodies nearby and then condenses as water particles and hangs in the air. Visibility is usually less than a kilometer.

A mist, on the other hand, is caused by rapid condensation of water vapor – usually from volcanic activity or sharp changes in temperature and humidity. Because of the speed of condensation, the water particles are smaller. Therefore the visibility is higher and it disappears faster than a fog.

A haze, I found out is also suspension of particles in the air – but dry particles. Has nothing to do with water. Could be around a factory, as an example.

Do you know any more on this subject?

Thank you Somya – for helping me learn something new this morning!