14 August 2021

Not all who wander is lost…

… they might be just looking or coffee.

Here is Hullor, Chiko, Alex and myself looking for a coffeeshop in the morning. The catch is that we wanted to find a local coffee shop and talk to the owner. You know, just… because…

We went past the Starbucks and found a bookshop-cum-cafe place. Talked to the lady in the front… and what do you know? Turns out she is from where Hullor did his college (Ann Arbor)!! How about that for a coincidence?

The cute girl at the coffee counter gave Chiko a second look… and I do not think we are done teasing him yet 🙂 🙂

14 August 2021

Go ahead…Talk to us!!

This amazing picture is from Beaver Creek. We were in the Village there when we suddenly came up to this arrangement of multiple skis standing next to each other. They were made of some kind of reflecting material (polished metal?).

Chiko pointed out that if I were to stand in a particular spot, I should be able to see the reflections in each of the skis…

That was pretty interesting!!

13 August 2021

More snake stories from India. You cannot make this up…

Close on the heels of the snake found on the flight from Kolkata to Mumbai – that too without following the RT-PCR test protocol – comes this one.

The headline says it all!! “Snake Bites Man, Man Bites it Back. Snake Dies

Mind you – we are not talking about a garden snake here. A viper, no less! One of the most poisonous snakes!! (Vipers have killed more human beings than all other snake species put together)


12 August 2021

Guess who we ran into?

Sharmila and I were having a quiet evening over a drink sitting at Alpharetta Main square, when I thought I recognized somebody walking by. Sure enough, it was Kumar Jandalaya! Another Equifax colleague of mine. In fact, today, after Chris Kramer and Eddie Welch, Kumar was the third ex-colleague from Equifax that I met!

Bill, Kumar, Sharmila and I settled for another round of drink as we talked about all sorts of things in life. A lot of it was about traveling!

10 August 2021

Some more practice

Today nobody was there in the rink. Used the main area. Made quite a few mistakes while trying to increase speed. Fortunately did not fall down – came fairly close once though. Also tried mount-dismount motion (three times) in one roll. Not coming as naturally yet…

Need more practice!

9 August 2021

“Here is the crazy bald guy skating”

That is how she described me as she sent this video to a common friend. Tried out Union Hill Park skating rink for the first time. Took her there in case I came back with some extra pieces of bone.

There were two young guys practicing their tricks. To save myself from too much embarrassment, I went and introduced myself to them first.

“How long have you guys been doing this?”
“Oh! about 4 years.”
“Cool. I am just getting started. I am too old for this. But I want to try.”

Instead of laughing it away, the younger kid did a whole old man thingy on me – “It does not matter how old you are. You gotta do it as long as you are having fun”.

I was not expecting that from a young kid.

“Thanks for the encouragement, man!”, I said and went off to my corner.

After I was done practicing, the kids gave me a couple of tips on how to pick up the board without bending. They were doing it in a fluid motion. I was dropping the board all over the place!!

But it was fun! And a young guy once told me to keep doing it as long as I was having fun!!