6 May 2021

It is those smiles!!

One more thing that I am going to miss if everybody starts to work from home – those impromptu getting togethers around a cubicle. Sometimes to brainstorm, sometimes to just have a good laugh! You know… those small things… that build culture and kindred spirit.

Our vaccinated teammates are taking advantage of the flexibility at work – some come to the office everyday to keep a clean separation of work from life and some come on specific days or for specific team meetings to be able to balance the needs at home and work.

Personally, I have started flying to Chicago every other week. Mostly to drop into these impromptu meetings to crack some completely unnecessary and irrelevant jokes!!

But watching people who I work with smile at work? Priceless!!

3 May 2021

Got caught sneaking in…

Went back to Chicago after a week to work from office. Was wondering if the bear had gotten over the performance appraisal and moved out of my cubicle.

It was worse!

He was sitting right at the entrance of our office floor with that “And where were you last week?” look on his face!

I tried my best to ignore him and slinked my way to the cubicle!!

2 May 2021

Sunday evening – winding down

Listening to the other side of the Anup Ghoshal LP record. It has a song special to me – মধুর নুপুর রুমু ঝুমু বাজে…

It was the first classical song – or at least the song with Teentaal as the beat on the tabla – that my sister had learnt. Many a practice was done to get back to the “som” correctly…

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2 May 2021

From the bartender’s corner – Lychee Gimlet

Lychees were an interesting fruit growing up. There was the menacing looking outer shell. Fortunately, it came off very easily. And then just as you put the nice luscious fruit in your mouth, you realized there was little truth in the advertisement. The soft fruit pulp came with a humongous seed!

Still, many a summer afternoon was spent eating a few of those juicy fruits. Sweet, great texture and very soft aroma.

Today’s drink is made from Lychee juice. Half an ounce of lime juice, two ounces of lychee juice, one and a half juice of gin, half an ounce of simple syrup, half an ounce of triple sec and ice thoroughly mixed in a glass and then poured in a martini glass first lightly rimmed with some sugar.

Was a big hit at our home this evening. Even Sharmila skipped the evening wine for this cocktail.

Fairly mild on the nose, the palette is that of the lime, sugar and lychee. The distinct finish of the juniper came way at the end.

2 May 2021

Evening run

Starting to enjoy the runs in the evening. Usually do not have as much energy as the morning runs and towards the evening, I get into a lot of activities competing for time. On the flip side, I seem to consume far less alcohol (or for that matter even food) in the evening and I am having great sleep. Faster to bed and solid deep sleep.

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1 May 2021


So, Facebook has mined my posts and decided that I am probably getting married and going on a honeymoon!! I guess there is a reason we call it “artificial” intelligence.

And you know what Facebook wants me to do? Ask you to donate money to me so I can go on that aforementioned honeymoon!!

To be sure, in an act of over and beyond in helpfulness, Facebook also let me know that based on her prior behavior, my own wife might be a good candidate to ask for donation!!

You cannot make these stuff up!!

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