25 April 2021

From the bartender’s corner – Guava Rum Cocktail

Was getting tired of the tamarind flavor. Looked in the bar refrigerator and found a bottle of guava juice. Some amount of research later, found out this cocktail. If you like guava, you are bound to like this taste. It is geared more for tropical climates though. I will do this one more time when it gets really hot in summer.

This has lime juice, pineapple flavored rum, cointreau and guava juice.

25 April 2021

Great ride with John

After a couple of months, went out with John again. Knowing John, I was guessing that he would show up with yet another bike. He did not disappoint me. In the 40 odd months that I have known him – I met him at the motorcycle safety classes – this Honda Rebel 1100 is his ninth bike that I have seen him with!!!

He is certifiably crazy about bikes.

Had a good time riding around Lake Lanier and then grabbed lunch at Pig Tales.

24 April 2021

From the bartender’s corner – Tamarind Martini

While looking for cocktails that use Spicy Tamarind vodka, I came across this recipe. It actually does not use tamarind vodka. Instead, it uses tamarind paste (which I had!!).

Thoroughly mix half a lime worth of juice, couple of pinches of Tajin salt, quarter spoonful of tamarind sauce and a spoonful of sugar in a mixing glass. Pour ice, 2 ounces of vodka (I used Tito’s) and 3 ounces of water and mix thoroughly. Pour into a martini glass that has been rimmed with Tajin salt.

Nice tarty taste with a kick from the Tajin salt…

24 April 2021

Finally, got the clearance!!

The good news is that after fourteen months, I got the message that I am finally cleared to go back to hospices to spend time with people who are in the last stages of their lives. Need to still get the painful subcutaneous Mantoux test done (to test against TB), but right now I have been assigned two young ladies (both 87) pining away their last days in two different hospices. And I have a brand new mask to show off too!!

The bad news is of course, none of my old friends that I got abruptly sundered from are there any more. In fact, most passed away without even being able to see their loved ones at the height of the pandemic.