31 March 2020

Unreal. But true.

Me yelling at one of the daughters (who shall remain unnamed) from upper floor to main floor … “I can’t believe I am saying this as a dad to a daughter but can I have my shaving cream back”?

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30 March 2020

Five years later

Natasha was lying down in the backyard last evening and reading a book. Took a picture of her. Because it reminded me of another day when she was still in high school. That day she was laying down in the front yard. Dug that picture up from 2015.

29 March 2020

Fifteen years later

Nikita mentioned this morning that we have a picture From the past like the one we took this morning at home. Sure enough, a little search later, we retrieved it.

So much has changed in fifteen years. We have a new dog, newspapers have gone digital and we have moved from the outside to inside.

Good news is that I am still in my shorts!!!

22 March 2020

Grocery run!

While in elementary/middle school, mom always made me (as the eldest child) go to the market to do the groceries. I did not mind it much since that gave me an excuse to take our family bicycle out for a ride. Plus, I got a candy as a bribe (which used to bristle my sister no end).

Now, I have to do the same for my wife. Although, the bike now comes with a motor attached to it! I did not get any candy. So, I rewarded myself with a 60 miles detour on my way home!

Speaking of similarities, I still get yelled at for buying the wrong stuff!

22 March 2020

Book Review: Make Time

This was a very quick read and as very quick read books tend to be, not particularly helpful to me. Now, I have to admit that I am fairly disciplined (some would suggest even OCD) in how I go around planning my day, weeks and years. Most of the things suggested here are things I found I already do (e.g. minimize TV – for me it is zero time, avoid news – I catch up weekly thru Economist – exactly what one of the author does, block calendar times, reflect etc etc). It is possible that others might find some nuggets of wisdom here and there.

One suggestion did catch my eye – I am going to try that. It talks about how while discussing or debating, we get caught up on facts. e.g. we would be talking about Coronavirus and somebody would be mentioning how Italy now has more deaths than China. Somebody else would doubt it and then immediately we would go to our phone and Google to get to the facts.

The book suggests that it is too distracting and that we should try keeping a “Random question list” and check later. That is an intriguing thought. Of course, now I am worrying – do I have to carry a piece of paper all the time? Or do I have to fish out my phone to write down the question anyways? Also, without the fact at that point, can the discussion continue at all? Not very sure, but I will see how this works.

One thing though, the authors have written the book in a very funny way.

Still, it will not get in my recommended read list.

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21 March 2020

Finally relaxing!!!

It was an interesting Saturday between trying to get some crucial office decisions done and trying to evacuate Natasha from New York. This is while New York started canceling flights because some ATC trainee had tested positive for COVID-19.

Finally, everything has settled down. For the time being. And no too soon.

In a stunning reversal of fortunes, now the young ones are yelling when the older ones want to go out for drink.

Great evening with Sharmila and Natasha over a bottle of wine…