28 July 2019

The good old Aroras!

Got to meet Gagan, Bharti and Ishan after a long time. Missed Mehul though. No meeting with the Aroras are complete without talking about the good old days in Dallas when we were yet to have kids.

Or for that matter some thought provoking discussions with Gagan. This time the topic was about intellect versus intelligence. And some truly insightful (and likely to be controversial without the full context understood) debates around whether intellect should be a protected category (like race, color, gender etc)…

I got more food for thought than I had bargained, Gagan. Thank you for that!

Bharti, next time no excuses – you are saving a drink for me – else I might bring up a certain On The Border evening up in our conversations again 🙂

28 July 2019

The Roy family diaspora

This summer, the Roy family has been all over the place. Only our dog Jay Jay has stayed in Atlanta. Everybody else seems to be on the road. This is the picture of where the various Roy family members have slept – just in the month of July!!

26 July 2019

Boy, how time flies!!

Just the other day, these two used to run around the rug in our living area singing silly songs.

Now they are discussing how to fight back peer pressure and parental pressure and make career choices that align with their passions.

When I was their age, I can honestly admit that I had not the faintest clue what I wanted to do in life.

Kids are getting smarter with every generation. And that is the way it ought to be.