1 February 2019

Friday evening relaxation

Every Bengali kid that grew up in the 70s and 80s in Bengal would have grown up on a healthy diet of folk songs. Folk songs – irrespective of country – tend to have catchy tunes and is usually about some down to earth topic. Tonight’s song of the evening was “Amar Gosai Re Ni Dekhcho Khajur Gachhtalay” by the unforgettable Amar Pal. Took me back to the days of elementary school when All India Radio Kolkata used to carry 2 folks songs everyday between 6:50am and 7:00am. I used to listen to them invariably while packing up my school bag or tying my shoelaces. Moment the folks songs got over, I had to run for the school bus that would show up at 7:10am.

This song is a somewhat funny take on the life of a normal street cat.

1 February 2019

At Sharmila’s Art show

I have finally understood why I am attracted to the wine at Sharmila’s art shows. It is free. There is that. Importantly, I have noticed that after a couple of those wines from plastic glasses, I tend to improve my appreciation for art. For example, I finally started grasping the inner depths of a piece of 3D art when a curious security guy asked what was so funny about the public coat rack. That said, I think by the end of the evening, I had figured out – at least for half of the paintings that I studied – which side was up.