18 November 2016

As long as you know where you stand…

Picture this: It was way past my bedtime. Work wise, it has been a tough week so far. So, I lit the fire outside and sat with Sharmila for a glass of wine. Nikita, who came by later, took a few pictures of us (and the dog who is celebrating his second birthday today).

This picture, I thought, came out pretty nice. I asked her “What should I caption this?”. And then offered “Perhaps, Fire of Love”?

She laughed uncontrollably. On the border of hysterically.

“Ah! Twenty three years of marriage. That would do it”, I told myself!!


17 November 2016

I still think it was very funny…

This is reposted from a blog entry exactly four years back to this day…

We were in Costa Rica. Early morning. We were all up and getting ready for the day’s adventure… And this is what happened….

First Spanish lesson: Imagine this: Sharmila has all soaped up her face in front the bathroom sink, already running late for our volcano trip, quickly opens an eye a wee bit, locates the tap marked “C” and opens it in full blast to get a cold wash. In a few seconds, she lets out a scream!! A few commotion-filled minutes later, the two Texas born daughters – Natasha and Nikita – explained to her that “C” stands for “caliente” (hot) not “cold”. That would be the one marked “F”. Later, over laughs, I asked her if she learnt her first Spanish lesson. She promptly replied “Si” !! 🙂


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17 November 2016

What a great evening…

It is not often that I get a reminder from a very successful ex-CEO in Corporate America that I had promised to have a drink with him whenever I was in his town. Our relationship goes back quite a few years to my previous job. He was a customer then. We have had career changes from there.

But, thanks to that reminder, I did get a chance to have dinner with Paul Uhrig. My life has been nothing if not spending a few quality hours with some of the best human beings in this world. Paul is right up there on that list.

Sitting in a very nice Old Town Alexandria restaurant by the Potomac river, we caught up on our families, our old friends, the just concluded elections, our respective industries and much more. The most engaging part of our evening probably was exchanging notes on our professional journeys. Our journeys have been very very different – and that is what made our stories so engaging to each other.

I hope to see more of this guy down the road…


16 November 2016

Moderator of twelve Presidential debates – Jim Lehrer!!

Extremely nice gentleman. After deliberating on a lot of topics – including the just concluded elections, he got curious when he learnt that Natasha was pursuing journalism. Asked which college and all that. He even had a special message for her without knowing her – “Tell her we need good students like her in the field of journalism”.


14 November 2016

Note that this is filed under “Humor” and not “Cocktail” in my blog

That is because this drink has been inspired by a joke sent to me by my brother in law. Should I call it “BIL”evardier? Haha..

This is one part milk, two parts honey (Barenjager liqueur) and two parts vodka.
As the joke goes, the honey is to give you energy, the milk is to give you strength and the vodka is to give you ideas what to do with that energy and strength 🙂

Don’t tell me I did not warn you…


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