28 May 2016

Friday evening relaxation

“Hum jeet na sake woh aisi shart laganey lagey
Hamari aankhon ko apni aankhon se ladaney lagey
Jeet jaate, par palak humne jhukali
Kyon ki unki palkon se aansoo jo aane lagey”

She started making bets that I couldn’t possibly win
As she locked her eyes upon my eyes
I could still have won, but I relented and looked down
Because I saw the tears roll down her eyes”


27 May 2016

New office dress code?

You would think that after years and years of having the same routine every morning – go for a run, go to the gym to take a shower, drive to office – I would be able to pack my gym bag in my sleep. Apparently, I can’t do that even when I am awake!!

I certainly had remembered last night while throwing in stuff in the gym bag that it was going to be a Friday today and therefore it was going to be casual clothes for office. However, in the bargain, I completely forgot to throw in my shoes 🙁

Sitting in that gym bench in the locker room, I contemplated for about a minute, weighing in my options. And then finally just walked out in a pair of understated jeans, a casual black shirt and a decidedly garish neon pair of running shoes 🙂

After walking into office, I went from door to door asking people how I looked 🙂 Most were polite 🙂 Some even suggested that if anybody could pull it off, it would be me 🙂

Which kind of makes sense. As unseemly as those shoes look, without the shoes, the rest doesn’t look much seemly either 🙂

Bidisha – this one is for you – #100ridiculousdresspact 🙂


25 May 2016

The day the weird uncle kept his word…

Exactly a year back, on this day, May the 24th, I had met the young son of my childhood friend Baisakhi – like I almost always do when I go to Durgapur. The visits are short but always memorable to see Kintu (his name) grow up thru the years. That day after I had left and was speeding down the highway to go back to my parents, I had a call from him regretting that we forgot to high five each other before I left.

You see, that was our thing. When he was very small, I had once visited him and taught him how to high five. And ever since, we always did that. It was a ritual thing. That particular day, I was so distracted by my dad’s failing health, I had completely forgotten about it.

I certainly felt proud that he still remembered that and looked forward to it. I would be his “High Five Uncle”. But I also kicked myself for not remembering it. I was the adult. I was supposed to have remembered it. I remember promising him that I am not going to forget it next time. Or ever.

Next trip to Durgapur and wouldn’t you know? – we missed each other since they were out of town 🙁

A break came this month. He and his parents were visiting US. I was in touch with his uncle (who lives in US) to get an idea of all their US tour schedule. And was waiting for a chance to get close enough during my office travel to make a break to see him.

I got that break today. I was a few hours drive away from where they were. Close enough. Having taken care of office meetings, sped straight down the left lane of the highway. I had to go there, meet him and speed back to catch the late night flight back home.

Moment the door was opened, the high fives flew!!!

The visit was short. They almost always are. It was good to see Baisakhi and Sagar though. And great to meet their sister in law Tumpa. (Missed his uncle Kuntal). But the most exciting part was Kintu’s stories about cars. I have never seen a guy know so much about cars and stats of cars. I am not big into cars but I was a patient listener, I thought!!

The best part of the high fives and meeting him? The crazy coincidence that it was exactly on the May 24th – one full year apart!!!

Perhaps someday, many years later, he will chance upon my blog site and out of curiosity search for his mom or dad or his own name and read this. Hopefully he will realize how every kids’s wishes, likes, dislikes, regrets, loves so profoundly define every adult’s priorities in life. How, while means might be a hindrance, willingness is never lacking every adults’ – father, mother, uncle, aunt, grandparents and so on – innate desire to make a child happy.

And hope he will realize that as weird as that High Five uncle was, he did keep his word… albeit a year later.