9 March 2016

Speaking of men dying.. (see previous post)

Speaking of short lives of men attempting to errr….errr…weigh in on women’s extra pounds, I got myself into a terrible pickle a few years back. Some of you who are personally close to me might remember this incident. I believe she had asked me if a certain dress made her look fat.

The engineer in me did not even lift my eyes from what I was doing and gave the clinically correct answer – “No. The dress does not make you look fat. The fat makes you look fat.”. I quickly learnt that in that situation, clinical correctness was totally uncalled for.

I have but some vague recollection of the next ten minutes. I think a lot of things were exchanged. You know… like…. sharp words… blunt objects…. I do remember that the following week, I had started feverishly working on a sequel to Gandhi’s original autobiography. My book would have been called –

“My Experiments With Truth”

“Volume Two”


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  1. By Ram Narayanan on

    this is what happens when they don’t translate the Miranda Sanskrit vows “anything you say will be used as evidence against you. you have the right to remain silent and the right to say nothing that will incriminate you”

    er.. Marriage vows, not Miranda. sorry about the typo.


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