8 March 2016

Women’s day

A leading institution in the US released the results – from a decade long study – today to coincide with the International Women’s Day.

The study has conclusively proven that women with extra weight around them tend to live longer than men who mention it ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. By Narsi Reddy on

    This is just to say that we would like you to maintain a healthy weight. What is heavily publicised as the ‘ideal’ weight using various formulas like the BMI etc. have in fact heavily been influenced by the ‘drug’ and ‘health’ industries/lobbies and while the facts themselves may not be wrong, the way they are presented is simplified and hence is generally misunderstood. Most of you would not believe me, but this is the conclusion I have reached after extensive research and my experiences with weight loss. There is a direct correlation between BMI and body ressistance (to diseases). The recommended healthy range of BMI is 18 to 24.9 and the general tendency especially among women is to go towards the lower side having a target of 18 to 20. This range is not really healthy especially if you do not have healthy food habits – which I am absolutely sure most of you do not have or believe you have based on the ‘ads’ you see but are actually wrong! So, I would say that, the target BMI should be based on your body structure, your race, your environment, your age, your eating habits and your general health. Look up the net for newer articles that discuss some of these aspects. I believe the most critical factor is your environment – more pollution > higher target BMI. More natural food (like our forefathers) > easier to lose weight >lower BMI ok. More processed food > unhealthy – need to have a higher BMI to have higher body ressistance – to stay healthy – to live longer. So, to conclude, the first part of Rajib’s statement is true and the second part could be his twist to the first part ๐Ÿ˜‰


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