31 March 2016

A puzzle… after a long time…

Getting bored in the loooooong flight back. Suddenly remembered an email exchange I had with my friend Mita this week. It was actually a puzzle. In all honesty, I had heard a puzzle somewhat like that, so I was able to get it. Figured I will post it here.

The challenging part of the puzzle is its incredible simplicity. There are no catches in the puzzle. But the simplicity is bound to confuse readers. So here it goes…

“John called Mary. Mary called Tom. John is married but Tom is not”.

From the above, can you say whether the following statement

“A married person called an unmarried person” is

(a) Definitely True
(b) Definitely False
(c) Insufficient information to say whether True or False.

Send me personal message instead of putting in Comments and I will respond.

31 March 2016

Perspective from the other side

The plane started rolling off the starting point on the runway. As it gathered momentum and pulled the wheels up, rapidly we could see River Columbia emerge to our left. A few seconds later, as we continued to gain height, something seemed to trigger some old memories as I looked down from the plane. Quickly took a few pictures of the sight and then waited to get Wifi access in the plane (after 10,000 feet).

A few minutes of research on my blog and sure enough – I figured out why the scenery looked familiar.

Notice the right bottom end – near the plane’s window edge, you can see the road. But between the road and the the river, if you carefully notice, there is a trail that goes along the river (this is the Oregon side; the other side is Washington).

Way back on Oct 20, last year, I had driven up to a trail head and started running. Eventually, I ran along the exact spot that you see in this picture. See the inset – and you can see the same bridge. I remember stopping multiple times to watch the planes fly very low as it approached the runway.

Today, I was on the other end!!


31 March 2016

Perfect opportunity…

The plane took off southeasterly from Portland airport and then dipped south for a minute to then straighten up eastward wrapping around Mount Hood. And as it did that, there were a few incredible seconds where we were still under cloud cover to get a clear view of all the four peaks – Mount Hood in Oregon and Mount St.Helen, Mount Rainier and Mount Adams in Washington – all at once!!!


27 March 2016

In case you had any doubts that we are getting overtaxed!!

This morning, I woke up early to start doing the taxes. Duly downloaded Turbo Tax which I have been using for over 15 years to prepare my taxes. It is undoubtedly one of the most user friendly software I have ever seen. In any case, Turbo Tax imported all the necessary information from last year’s file so that I do not have to re-enter all the mundane details like name, social, dependents etc.

And then, it came up with this screen! I owe $9 of taxes!!

You can imagine how flummoxed I was – “Wait a minute – I have not entered anything about 2015 yet!!! And you yourself prepared last year’s taxes. How can I start with a tax liability already?”

As you can imagine, things only got worse from there!! 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 11.04.54 AM

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25 March 2016

“Runner” cholechhey..

This morning I got into the car and a casual glance at the passenger seat revealed that I had not mailed an envelope since Monday. So, changed my running route plans and put in a run to the post office from Starbucks – about two and a half miles each way…

… thereby earning the moniker “Runner” in two different languages simultaneously 🙂

This was probably the only run where I was hoping against hopes that it would NOT rain!!!