21 November 2015

Celebrating the 200th cocktail… part 1

Started studying about mixology and experimenting with making cocktails about a year and a half back. Today, I made the 200th cocktail. Made a catalog of all those drinks I have made till date. Could not fit everything in one picture. So, here is the first batch of hundred cocktails… all arranged alphabetically…

200 Drinks Part 1 Small

21 November 2015

Staying above the fray. Staying Alive :-)

Sharmila bailed out on me for the coffee we were supposed to have had after I completed my run. Apparently there was a mom-daughter moment going on at home. Somebody, evidently, has not kept track of the money she has been spending and so there is an “animated” discussion going on between mom and daughter to resolve that. Of course, when I say a teenager and her mom are trying to resolve it, this is not your run of the mill diplomatic exchange of words. This is more like hand to hand combat.

I extended my coffee break and came back home later. It is not like I was afraid of getting caught in the crossfire. I was mortally afraid of getting killed by the irony of the situation 🙂

21 November 2015

But why?

So, I get this email from the Athens Marathon organizers asking me to support them to promote unsustainable goals. See the email as it appeared. I was really really curious. Why would we care about unsustainable goals in this world?

After opening up the email, I realized how overuse of Caps Lock can be terribly misguiding. I guess they are looking to promote United Nations’ sustainable goals campaign….

Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 9.01.14 AM


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21 November 2015

Beautiful folk song in Punjabi

The poet, I believe, was Manzoor Jhalla. The original rendition of this beautiful song was by the one and only Reshma from Pakistan. I believe there is a latter version of this by a much younger singer from the same country – Fariha Pervez.First couple of stanzas…

“Kithhey nain na jorin / Mere jendiya murin,
Tenu wasta aye khuda da / Wagan watana nu morin
Kithhey nain na jorin

Pyaar waliyan nu nayio / Vekh sakda zamaana
Kerhi gal tun vichora / Aween labda paya
Aa ke lag na kisi din / Mera maan na torin

Ternu wasta aye Khuda da / Wagan watana nu morin
Kithhey nain na jorin”

I need some help from my Punjabi friends. But here is an attempt…

“Don’t let your eyes meet someone else’s eyes
Come back, while I am still alive
For the sake of God, turn your horse around to your own country
Don’t let your eyes meet someone else’s eyes

This world can’t stand to see two in love together
One or the other, it forever tries to tear them apart
Don’t believe in their words // (not sure whether it means this or “Don’t give them your word”)
And break the faith I have in you

For the sake of God, turn your horse around to your own country
Don’t let your eyes meet someone else’s eyes”

20 November 2015

This is why I love going to office…

Those long meetings and intense debates become so much more enjoyable because of the sharp wit and sense of humor that accompanies them. This week, good old Bob Hickey (you may recollect me mentioning him in other prior posts) had a really funny one.

The discussion was about Scranton, PA. Forget why we were discussing that place in the context of business – there was a very good reason. (Incidentally, I understand Newt Gingrich was born there). In any case, Bob, who also lives in PA (near Philadelphia) was trying to impress upon us how remote Scranton is.

He put on a falsetto of an announcer’s voice and announced – “First prize winner of the lottery gets one week in Scranton”. We were all looking at him quizzically when he came with the rejoinder – “Second prize gets two weeks in Scranton” 🙂

We had to adjourn our meetings for five minutes to let all the laughter settle down in the room!!