29 March 2015

I guess my first hint should have been that I was trying to use a Microsoft product…

Usually, I just use Apple or Google products (and let them save in Microsoft formats if I have to send to somebody). I was trying to use Microsoft applications today (in this particular case, Powerpoint). First the application crashed. It asked me if it was okay to send a Error Report. Coming from software background, I am always about helping anybody debug. So, I said Yes. Now, the Microsoft Error Reporting crashed!!!! This is too funny!

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 10.00.04 PM

28 March 2015

One more time we meet at our intersection point

Friday evening. One more time. Another long, intense week. Another Friday evening of music to wind down… And another Friday evening intersection point to launch another week… Who knows where next week will take me?

In Gulzar’s words…
“Is mod se jaate hain
Kuchh susth kadam raaste, kuchh tej raahe
Patthar ki haveli ko, sheeshe ke gharaundo mein
Tinko ke nasheman tak, is mod se jaate hain

Aandhi ki tarha ud kar, ik raah guzaarti hai
Sharmaati hooyi koyi, kaadmo se utarti hai
In reshmi raaho mein, ik raah to woh hogi
Tum tak jo pahonchti hai, is mod se jaati hai

Ik door se aati ha,i paas aake palat-ti hai
Ik raah akeli si rukti hai, na chalti hai
Ye soch ke baithhi hu, ik raah to woh hogi
Tum tak jo pahonchti, hai is mod se jaati hai”

Somebody with a better grasp of Hindi should be translating this. But here is my attempt with my feeble understanding of the language….

From this (intersection) point traverses
Some very lazy paths, and a few fast paced lanes.
Towards a mansion made of stones, in a house of glass
Or a nest made of straws and twigs, we can go from this point.

One road, like a raging storm, passes by
And another one takes its steps cautiously, demurely
Of all these silken roads, I think to myself, there must be one
That’ll take me to you, when I take that turn

One road comes from far away and then suddenly takes a sharp turn
And there’s another road – rather lonely, that neither stops nor goes anywhere.
And all I do is sit here thinking, that there must be a road out there
That’ll take me to you, when I take that turn