29 September 2014

This is why you need a wife…

Out with Sharmila for our usual Sunday evening date night. Watching the Cowboys play Saints. We are at a different bar than our usual one today. Met the bartender at the new bar. I was exchanging notes about making cocktails with him.

Then I ordered my drink. It has been a cold, cloudy, dreary day. Thought I would get going with a Bourbon. The following conversation took place with Jay (the aforementioned bartender):

“Four Roses. Single Barrel”
“With a splash of Sprite”
“Four cubes. Wash. Don’t pour.”
“Got it”

And then as Jay walked away, he looked at Sharmila and said “The man knows how to take his Bourbon”.

Sharmila, completed unimpressed and accusing me of showing off (which was totally true 🙂 ) asked me “Bolbo okey baaritey haath diye posto bhaath mekhey khao?” (“Shall I tell him that you mush your rice and curry with your hands at home and then eat with your fingers?”) 🙂

Nothing like a wife to burst your pretentious sophistication bubble 🙂