1 February 2014

Slow Run

Went out for a run near my neighborhood. Ran slowly for 5 miles. Need to stretch now desperately.

Was listening to songs all the while running on the left edge of the road. Suddenly, as a song ended, I thought I heard footsteps alongside me. Turned around and sure enough, there was a dog following me. Not sure how long it had been running with me. It would not bark, it would not go away – it just kept going with me. Thought of trying a trick and turned around and retraced my path. The dog kept running back with me and then suddenly stopped in front of a property. I am quite sure that is the right house for the dog and also am guessing the owner is a runner and takes the dog for a run… Wish had my phone with me to take a picture….

1 February 2014

Great Evening…

Great evening with the family at Azul with the new tapas menu. Amitesh, Sudipto and Mishti joined us to make it a perfect evening. Chris, Holly and Jenny took great care of us. Lauren belted some mind blowing songs. Owners Chuck and Saloni were unbelievably gracious, as always! Got to meet the Consular General of India too!!
The new Indian tapas menu is perfect !!!