24 January 2014

I never get old of meeting this guy…

Wherever I go, I try to make time to meet old friends that crossed my path. Because I have decided that is important to me. But in places where I have a lot of friends, that becomes a difficult optimization problem πŸ™‚

However, there are a few guys guy, I will meet anytime I go to Dallas. This time , I had enough time to meet one of them. Why do I make time for him?

Maybe it is his long hair (Heaven knows, I have none)
Maybe it is his tall height (God knows I am not)
Maybe the fact he spends so much time with wife and two daughters (I know I don’t with mine)

But an hour with Larry Mason – now that is something I will go the end of the world for.

Last time we met a few months back, it was about how to set up my website. This time we spent discussing horror stories of Dell support, Microsoft support and yes, stupid Apple policies!!!

Mr. Mason, you are one of the best! Even if only your feet get to travel first class πŸ™‚


23 January 2014

Following your passion…

Saw Tammi after – oh! probably 10 years? I still remember the first day she showed up for work in my team in 1996 or so – I was asking myself “How the heck do you pronounce Gagne”? πŸ™‚ We worked together for a few years and then she quit to raise her family.

What was delightful to learn was how one fine day, she decided to follow her passion – teaching. While raising her two kids, she got herself thru the teaching exams and certification and is now a high school teacher for math and physics!! Maybe I should get some ideas for my puzzle section from her next time πŸ™‚

Speaking of courage to follow your dreams, she took it upon herself to be a bodybuilder and went on to become a regional champ a few years back. To put it in perspective, I still go to the gym only to take a shower πŸ™‚

We had a great hour or so catching up on our families, old team mates and life in general. I admire her ability and courage to pursue her dreams. True happiness can only come from being who you are. Not what you think others think you are. Or should be.


23 January 2014

The upsides of going to the restroom

An hour and half into the return flight to Atlanta, I was going thru one of those questions that always vex me in these 2-3 hour flights. Especially after a couple of cups of coffee. The question was “Go to the restroom now or wait till we land and use the ones in the airport”. I know, I know, my mind is preoccupied with too many little questions πŸ˜‰ In my defense, once in a while I do wonder about big questions – a la Adrian Mole – like “Is God married?” πŸ™‚

In any case, today, I decided to be safe than sorry. And I am glad I did. As I was walking back from the restroom, I bumped into a very old friend of mine – Tom Groom – sitting right in the first row with his Beats in his ears and pecking away on his MacBook.

We could not talk much in the plane. But after we got down, he had just enough time to grab a coffee with me, sit down and catch up before he scooted for his connecting flight – and I headed back to office for another day of meetings.

The serendipitous nature of how these intersection points get created is mind boggling.

Maybe I should go to the restrooms more often πŸ˜‰


23 January 2014

Now that is how you look at life..

Sitting in a plane a few minutes before we take off, I lobbed a call and the following conversation took place:
“This is Rajib here. Rajib Roy”
“Hey Rajib! What’s up?”
“Just checking on you. Love your running updates. By the way, is it not your birthday today?”
“Indeed! The big 50!”
“Happy Birthday!! Big 50 huh? Feeling old”?
“Nope ! Now I get to the 50-55 group in races. Best chance to pick up some medals”!!

Only a runner would think that way!!! What a great attitude!!
Thank you for a great start to the day, David!!

23 January 2014


Finished up couple of days in Texas. Work wise, it was a little frustrating – but I guess this comes with the territory. On the other hand, there were always old friends to network with during downtime. This being where we lived for thirteen years, there were a lot of old connections to try and catch up. Was able to catch up with a couple in Houston and a couple in Dallas. Will write about them during the weekend. It was great for me but I am sure they did not find me that exhilarating what with me being a lot tired after the business meetings…..

21 January 2014

Puzzle: 16 coins

I found this puzzle today. I have not tried it myself. But I think you will know when you get the right answer. Further, unlike other times, I am writing this to you on my way out of Atlanta as I commence my business trip, not on my return trip. Which means, I may not be able to check answers till the end of day or in flights…
Do send personal messages only and not comments.

Arrange 16 coins in a simple square of 4 coins by 4 coins. Now, remove 6 coins in a way that every row and every column still has even number of coins left.

20 January 2014

Evening Run

After a long time, ran in the evening. I am usually a morning person. Went running in the hills. There were a lot of kids horseback riding. I was half afraid that I might have appeared as a traffic cone to the horses πŸ™‚
Nice 63 degrees. It falls to 18 in about 24 hours!!