25 December 2012

Heading out to India again….

It has been a long long time that I have gone to India by myself. Also so soon after the last trip. Dad is not doing well after surgery and mom seems to showing early signs of relapse 🙁 Hope to see them for a few days and also my brother and sister who are bearing the brunt of all the parental caregiving.

I will miss most having wine with Sharmila every evening while there. And the kids and her for New Year’s Eve 🙁

Will be a bitter sweet trip….

24 December 2012

Dallas Trip

Tables turned on me. Usually it is the family who drops me at the airport. Today I dropped them on their way to Dallas. Can’t remember when was the last time the three girls flew by themselves without me. The last 30 minutes were hilarious. I kept on giving instructions to Sharmila Roy how to get the boarding pass, where the luggage drop is, when to board the plane and she kept reminding me how to operate the dishwasher, how long to microwave the food and such 🙂 — at Atlanta Hartfield airport.

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23 December 2012

Slightly warmed up…

One advantage of running in 20 degrees is that the next day run in 29 degrees is a breeze. Especially when there is no breeze 🙂 Sunday morning run with the dependable-as-rock Samaresh Mukhopadhyay. Our other partner Amitesh Mukherjee is basking in the Florida sun (like every other really old person 🙂 )

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22 December 2012

First run with Chandresh

First sub-zero run of the season. 30 degrees. With wind chill 20 in Milton (-6 Celsius). Had a great run with Chandresh Modi. I had at least one layer more than him on my body and two on the head. Want to guess who was born in a village in UK and who was born in a village in India? 🙂 In my defense, I shave my head and he has started growing a beard 🙂


22 December 2012

NRA Wisdom

In Pennsylvania this evening, a man shot and killed a lady in a church, a man in his residence, a second man whose car got into an accident with the assailant’s truck and then himself bumped into a cop car and started shooting. (He was shot dead by cops). 
The NRA swiftly responded to this mindless mayhem by strongly suggesting that there be armed guards around all churches, residences and cop cars.

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