26 June 2012

It is all in the distribution

Last night, over dinner, I was explaining to my good friend Garry Capers that I cannot seem to understand my body. If I double my running in a month, my body weight remains the same. This time in India, I ate more sweets, fried foods, junk foods and rice than you can shake a stick at. Came back home and sure enough, the weight was exactly the same at 158 pounds. Totally incomprehensible. He rather wisely pointed out that “You may have the same weight but you are carrying it differently” 🙂 Touche!!
BTW, I am so going to hate anybody who “Like”s this 🙂

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25 June 2012


USA Today headline (online): “Poll finds Mormons excited about Romney”. Wow! I think that poll further revealed that the earth is round, we get hungry when we do not eat and pollsters should be looking for a real job 🙂

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24 June 2012

Lia Knower

Sunday morning 4mile run at 9:16 pace with the indomitable Samaresh Mukhopadhyay. Somewhere in our third mile, we saw a couple of other runners and I was like – “I know ‘er. It’s Knower 🙂 “. Always great to catch up withLia Knower – one of those rare friends I have that run for 100 miles…. in one go!! That makes her simultaneously certifiably crazy as well as an inspiration for me every time I want to give up after 8 or 9 miles of running 🙂

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