27 April 2012

Spanning generations!

First time I have run with two generations in the same family. 5 mile run with Rish (13 years age) today. Ran the half marathon with his mom Mita (of classified age :-)) in Dallas two years back. Rish plays football, basketball and track for his school (12 sec 100 yard dash). Probably explains why instead of my extra hot latte, I am having a caramel frapuccino with him at Starbucks 😉 — with Rish Basu and Mita Basu at Starbucks 9830.

26 April 2012


Last night, before going to bed, Nikita and I were playing our usual jumble word game. I asked her to unjumble “HOTOT”. After a minute of thinking she asked for a hint. I said “You and I have both have it but I have more of it”. Promptly she replied “Apple products” :-

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25 April 2012

Drunkards flying…

Another proof that you may be on the road too often – as I check in at the Skyclub today, the lady asked me “where are your friends today”? Few minutes later, went to pick half a glass of wine and the lady at the counter asked me “where are your friends”? 🙂 once again proving that I am flying too much and count too many drunkards as my friends :-)— at Delta Sky Club DCA.

25 April 2012


As I walk up to my gate where my outgoing plane was just pulling up, I notice a lady with four kids – one in her arms and three carrying flags and posters saying “Welcome home dad. We missed you”. Going by skin and hair at least two kids are adopted. Patiently they waited as the passengers disembarked till their soldier dad stepped out. He could barely hear them screaming “Daddy” over the very loud clapping we gave him. 
Really enriching moment in life and points to the upside of traveling. Also glad that Delta and TSA allows returning soldiers’ family to come all the way to the gate… — at Dca Airport – Gate 16.

24 April 2012

Delta special

Once more elite treatment from Delta. Last time they took me from the plane to the parking lot. This time, they whisked me from security into the waiting Porsche – straight into the Skyclub. One more time I had to contain my urge to stick my head out as we drove under the planes and go “Whee”… instead I had to have to nonchalance and gravitas befitting a frequent flyer 🙂 — at Delta Sky Club at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

24 April 2012

Ready to board

You know you are traveling way too much when you jump into a plane, reach 10,000 feet, open your ipad, connect to GoGo internet and the first alert pops up saying “Time to check in to your next flight” 🙁 Ugh!! I have not even landed…

23 April 2012

Xerox drone

CNN reported yesterday that “Iran Says It’s Building a Copy of Downed US Spy Drone”. Two years from now, CNN will be reporting that Iran’s new drones are bombing their own capital 🙂

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22 April 2012


Went for a run at Fowler Park. After my second mile, ran into Dan and Greg. They slowed down enough for me so I could post my life’s best 7:24 mile and then 7:40 and 8:00 miles. Then met up with Samaresh Mukhopadhyay and Amitesh Mukherjee and their daughters Paroma and Esha for a couple of more miles. Finally we put in a 150 meter dash at 4:43 min/mile pace. Afternoon nap cannot come soon enough for me 🙂

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