31 May 2011

And now, 7K run

Found an ultimate solution to the dog-chasing-runner problem. Pick the hottest time of the day with near saturation humidity to go for the run. The dogs refused to get out from the shades of the trees. One or two reluctantly gave a bark but that too with one eye open and chin still resting on the front paw 🙂 On the flip side, that was an extremely draining 7K run…

30 May 2011

5K run

Humidity, thy name is Durgapur. One simple 5k run (dogless, I might add) and I was sweating like one of the Norwester clouds over here. Now having dinner with immediate family at our favorite hangout Peerless Inn. With some terrible wine, I am afraid!

27 May 2011

Back to India…

Heading back to the small town that I was born in. Hope to see mom in a stable condition. Hope the street dogs recognize me as a friendly person during my runs. Hope to get a perspective that transcends quarterly numbers to hit.