25 September 2010

5th Roswell Rise N Run 5K, 2010

On Sep 25th, 2010, a few of us from Equifax ran in the 5th Roswell Rise and Run 5K race. This race was to raise money for North Fulton Community Charities. Half the route was on gravel and thru the park. Speedy Gonzalez Matt Semrad came. So did Anastassia, Shannon and Megan. I posted 26:28. Matt pushed his 6 year old 60-pound son Carter in the stroller. And he still beat me by over two and a half minutes!!

Update on 10/1/2010: I got a call that I came in second in my gender/age group!!

Surprise! Surprise!! I found out the next day that I stood second in my age group! This has never happened to me before. PRobably will not happen again either. I have never been exactly the athletic types ever in my life!!


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11 September 2010

10th Annual Suwanee Day Classic

On Sep 11th, 2010, I did something I had never done – ran two back to back races – 5K and 10K. Matt got me hooked on this. Matt, unfortunately had to walk in the last quarter mile of the 5K race after sna[[ing his hamstring. Anastassia came out to run. Kumar and Joyce came to cheer us up!! I kept up with a steady 9 minute pace for both the races finishing at 28 minutes for the 5K and 56 minutes for the 10K,


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