30 December 2009

Goodbye 2009

As always, the family overwhelmingly voted to spend the year end with our old friends and family from Dallas. Well, we do not have any family there but the friends are as close as family. We absolutely had a blast. Here are some of the memories captures in pictures.

26 December 2009

Family Vacation in Peru

The kids, Sharmila and I went to Lima, Peru and spent a week there. We did not do the usual touristy spots like Machu Pichhu etc – mostly because I thought it would be too arduous for the kids. However, we had a whale of a time in and around Lima. We went to a few great beaches including Santa Maria and El Silencio. We also spent a great day with Julio (Best) and his family – Lilian, Andrea and Sofia. Finally, we had a great time visiting Nikita’s nanny’s (Nancy) family and house in Chorrillos.

1 December 2009

Sharmila’s 40th birthday!

Sharmila and I went to Lisbon to celebrate her 40th birthday. Our good friends from London – John and Maria joined us there. We had a good time in Lisbon proper as well as Cascais and Sintra. On our way back, we stayed in Paris for a day and met up with our old friend from Dallas days – Reddy.