10 March 2011

Two trains colliding

A bullet train starts from Atlanta to San Diego at 200mph. A freight train starts an hour later from San Diego for Atlanta at 80 mph. When they meet, which train is closer to Atlanta? (note that the actual distance does not really matter)

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1 February 2011

Bela Bose

Found it on the internet. Hilarious. You have to know the original Bengali song called “2441139”. As I read this the tune was automatically playing in my mind. Made it even more funny….


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16 January 2011

Now that was some snow

We had some severe winter weather in early January, 2011. Overnight there was nearly six inches of snow!! We had all sorts of unique snow formations! Sharmila and I lit up a fire in the background and sat out in deep snow with our coffee!! Schools were closed for three days!!!

11 December 2010

White Rock Marathon Dallas 2010

On Dec 5, 2010, I went to Dallas to run the White Rock Marathon. Actually, I ran the half marathon. It was cold and windy. However, the flat roads helped. It was awesome fun with 22,000 runners and thousands and thousands of spectators on the road. Including two news helicopters. Roger, Mita and Rajiv Roy was there. It was great to see how much Mita has picked up running. Roger was usual strong self.

I had my career best half marathon at 1:54 !! That is around 8:40 per mile for over 13 miles. That got me a rank of 1664 in a field of about 10,000 half marathoners.

We raised money for Scottish Rite Hospital who do not charge for any of their patients. The event was covered by WFAA TV and I got some live coverage as well as two appearances on WFAA-s home page! Hullor, Chico and some of their friends played the band near the 12th mile. Natasha was there with them too!!


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11 December 2010

23rd Annual Jingle Jog 5K

On Dec 11, 2010, I ran with Sharmila in the 23rd Jingle Jog 5K race in Atlanta. We finished at 39 min 37 seconds. It was really cold but very festive. Runners had come with great festive dresses and there were a lot of decked up dogs!!!

After the run, my group folks from office got together for a great Starbucks get together!! Had a lot of fun!


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20 November 2010

Vineyard Run for Hope 2010

On Nov 20, 2010, I ran back to back 5K and 10K in Braselton to raise money for Gwinett Children’s Shelter. Matt Semrad came too. He was blazing fast and came 2nd overall and got the Masters Champion trophy for the 5K. However, he pulled his hamstring in the 10K and had to pull over. Todd joined us for the 10K was very strong. Also ran into Erica from office in the 5K run. She did a strong sub-30.

If you wanted to know more about Gwinett Children’s Shelter, you can go here.

For the 5K race, I did 26:30 which was nowhere near my best but I did conserve enough energy to post a PR for the 10K after that at 53:30. Ironically, I got a 3rd place trophy for my age group!! I was 37th overall in a field of 350 runners. For the 10K, I was 54th or so among 180 runners.


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6 November 2010

4th Annual Special Olympics Run

On Nov 6, 2010, I ran in the 4th Annual Special Olympics Forsyth run. It was very cold – 32 degrees, with wind chill 29. And the course had a few hills. None of my friends showed up – including Anastassia who got us into the run in the first place! I finihsed it in 24 minutes 58 seconds. Add the 8 seconds it took me to get to the starting line and I was clocked at 25:06. My thumbs were badly cold in spite of the gloves. The lady had to help me fill up race card at the end of the race!!

Starbucks felt awesome after that 🙂

Update on 11/13/2010: Seems like I came in 57th out of 334 runners. And 10th in my gender/age group.


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