17 July 2012


Atypical week – returning home on Tuesday. Too tired to do the Thursday thinking… So, here is a simpler math puzzle. Using 8,8,3 and 3, can you get 24? You are allowed to use only plus, minus, multiply and divide. Strictly speaking, parentheses should be allowed too. But that is it. Private message me if you know/found the answer.

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4 July 2012

16th Woodstock Freedom Run

It appears that I have not run a race for a full 1 year. I am not sure about it. I might have forgotten to post some of the races. In any case, like every year, I went to run the July 4th Freedom Run in Woodstock this year. I also had my close friend from Dallas Sunil Roy who was visiting us with his family join us!!

By my clock I posted 24min 15 secs but took quite some time to get to the starting line. The usual festivities and celebrations were there. Sunil and I hung around for a little while as we enjoyed the crowd.


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21 June 2012


Familiar Thursday evening situation: On a flight returning home. Have not posted a puzzle in some time. So, here is one…
What is the next number in the following sequence?
4, 6, 12, 18, 30, 42, 60, 72, 102, …
(If you know the answer send me a personal message)
Disclaimer: I remember this puzzle vividly from my college days because after two days I simply gave up 🙁

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24 March 2012


Stuck with the following question while having dinner by the beach with family. “Name single word country whose name has maximum number of vowels”. We have come to 5 (Australia). Any more with 5 or maybe more?

24 March 2012


Looking into the vast waters, I am reminded of an old definition of “Ocean”. Forgot the author. “Ocean: A body of water occupying two-thirds of a world made for man who has no gills” 🙂

24 March 2012


Springtime means a trip to Ft. Lauderdale. The sun, the beach and that once in a year visit to our friends Rema and Sanjay. Known them for more than two decades. This evening was as exciting as every other meeting with them… — with Rema Deo and Sanjay Deo.