24 December 2012

Mangsho missing

Pool filters cleaned, hot tub filters cleaned, car washed and cleaned. Exhausted, dozing off by the pool with Bengali “adhunik” songs on… like the lazy Sunday afternoons of childhood days (“adhunik gaaner anurodher asar”). One thing missing though – the aroma of “pnathar mangsho” (goat meat) cooking wafting from every Bengali household..

24 December 2012

Tax day

7 mile run at 9 min/mile. Then over ate for lunch. Now for a little wine and sleep in the sun by the pool. Would have been a picture perfect Bengali New Year had it not been for the taxes I have to file and pay today 🙁

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24 December 2012

Delta special

Once more elite treatment from Delta. Last time they took me from the plane to the parking lot. This time, they whisked me from security into the waiting Porsche – straight into the Skyclub. One more time I had to contain my urge to stick my head out as we drove under the planes and go “Whee”… instead I had to have to nonchalance and gravitas befitting a frequent flyer 🙂 — at Delta Sky Club at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.