5 May 2013

WeatherGods have misunderstood

Two days of constant rainfall – water everywhere – rivulets in the backyard – huge puddles on the road – and now the forecast says more rain the evening.
It is like the WeatherGods have misunderstood today to be “Sinko de Mayo” or something 🙂

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4 May 2013

Fiesta 5K. “Eets Nacho Ordinary Run”

That was a great race in cold, rainy and very windy morning. I am glad that I showed up – else I would have missed the amazing spirit and resolution people demonstrated to fight back ALS. Beyond pale, it demonstrated that in running – nay, in life, it is not about the gold or silver or bronze… it is about SHOWING UP and then PUTTING UP. And I thank Amitesh for exhorting me to come out to race. Both of us have a couple of friends whose parents are patients of ALS. Our run today was dedicated to them. Ran into good old Melanie who walked with her friend the whole distance honoring her neighbor’s dad who had ALS.

In the race itself, Amitesh posted his career best 5K today. I have to wait for my official time (my Garmin promptly quit citing low battery before the race). Whatever it is, there were two kids – at best fourth graders – who started and finished before me!! There were three hills and they kept running like they were going downhill. That was a little humbling!!!

Today’s proceeds went to Emory ALS Center.

Update: Results are out. Posted  24:57 at a 8:02 clip. That would be 4th in my age group and 32nd overall out of 216 racers.

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4 May 2013


As I said, it is cold, raining and very windy. I show up to run the race thinking not too many people will be there and this might be my chance to medal a race this year. And I find high school kids to sixty years olds warming up in the rain for the race. And little kids and adults alike in ponchos volunteering to set up the tents, organize food, water!!!
Ah! That indomitable human spirit…. If medicine can’t erase ALS, someday this human spirit will…
Now my turn to step into the rain to warm up…

1 May 2013

This is crazy!!

It is not often (actually it has never been) that I get to speak at an industry event where they separate the men from the women for lunch. Did those rich Saudis buy up Florida or something 🙂
You can see here the directions to Men’s Luncheon and also where all the women were having their luncheon 🙂


30 April 2013

Flying to Jacksonville – a few stats

First time ever flying into Jacksonville. I have been there a couple of times but never flown in. It is rare these days for me – after 20 years of flying in US – to say that I am visiting a particular airport in this country for the first time. Jacksonville will be the 103rd airport I have ever flown into. 58th in US. Why I keep track of these things, I do not know. Some more statistics I keep track of – how many countries I have visited (30), how many countries I have run in (11) and such… Do you have any such statistic that you keep track of?