12 April 2013

Fountain Pens!

When asked to describe me in one word, my wife once had said “Quirky”. If you know me, you know that is as close a word as it gets to describe me as any. If you know me even more, you probably also know that one of my quirks is that I do not use any pen other than fountain pens. (I have modest collection of them too).
Today, I finally realized how my wife feels in those clothes and dress stores she seems to go to all the time πŸ™‚ Went to the Atlanta Pen Show that opened today. I am easily distracted by a nice fountain pen (especially with fine nibs). They had hundreds and hundreds of them!! Some were of unbelievable vintage. And I met a couple of guys who hand made some of those pens. I was like a kid in a candy store. Really really did not want to come back.
Ah! well!!!

12 April 2013

Baldness has its own appeal!

Like every year, I got a pronounced tan during the spring break – thanks to a lot of beach sun. (yes, Indians can tan πŸ™‚ ) And like every year, three days later the skin on the scalp started peeling off πŸ™ Not sure why this happens only to my head. Cream has never helped. Looks unseemly as I start moulting on my head like a snake.
With all that peeling on the pate, my baldness might finally have some “appeal” πŸ™‚


12 April 2013

Our own “Hwang Ho”

Hwang Ho is a river in China often referred to as “The Yellow River”. It is also called “The River of Sorrow” due to its frequent flooding.
Today we had our own version of “Hwang Ho” in our parking lot as the quick rain washed pollen from the pinetrees, car rooftops and the air which has been causing a lot off sorrow to Atlantans to form small yellow rivulets…


11 April 2013

Catch 22

The one day I come back from office early (5:30), I am immediately rewarded with having to bring Niki from the horse farm, get Tasha prepared for her math tests, move all the furniture out of the arbor, file taxes….. Okay the last one is unfair since that is why I came home early to begin with.
But the following conversation with Niki as I drover her back from the horse farm completely made it worthwhile:
Niki: “You know dad, I am afraid of other cars on the road. I think I will not learn how to drive”.
Me: “Really? How do you figure you are going to go from one place to another when you grow up? ”
Niki: “Ummmm…. I think I will make my husband drive me everywhere”.
Me: “Okay. And how are you going to find a husband without visiting places?”
Niki: “I will marry somebody from my office”
Me: “And how do you propose you will go to the office to begin with?”. (I was fairly determined to see where she would logically end this conversation)
Niki: “Oh! Once I have money, I will bribe somebody to take me to office”
Me: “How did you get the money to begin with if you have not been going to office”?
After a brief pause, she admitted “You know, I think then I have to steal from you and mom”!!
That was as good a logical endpoint that I could draw as any!!

9 April 2013


“Too many redundant federal programs” screams the front page headline in USA Today this morning.
So, I have a question. Isn’t the “re” in “redundant” redundant? Should it not just be “dundant”? πŸ™‚

8 April 2013

Come again?

Sharmila, as she prepared to go to bed, put an alarm on her iPhone – to remind her to take the (running) watch before she left home. Something is very wrong with this picture !!!
It reminds me of her friend Rupa whose uncle used to put his alarm at 4 am to wake up and have his sleeping pill πŸ™‚

7 April 2013

A first in our Bengali run!

We had a “first” in our otherwise humdrum Bengali Sunday Runday. We had our first lady runner! Atashi joined us! As did Sid! The regulars – Amitesh, Manas and Arup were there too. (although Manas was there more in body – than in spirit; he ran off to a grocery store for chores immediately after the run πŸ™‚ ). Amitesh and I put in a couple of short sprints during the 5K which, above all, reminded us of our age πŸ™‚ It was a great get together. As was the Starbucks coffee with the group albeit sans Manas and Arup.