1 March 2018

From the bartender’s corner – Lady Leon

The Harvey Wallbanger was a pretty big hit at Nanette’s birthday. Usually aniseeds evoke strong reaction – some just love it. And some just do not. I am one of those in the side of “love it”. From ouzo (Greece) to licor beirao (Portugal) to sambuca (italy), I like it in my cocktail as well as a post-dinner aperitif. Harvey Wallbanger uses Galliano (Italy) whic as aniseed as well as other herbs.

To mix it with Gin, I made a Lady Leon today. A LL is gin with Galliano, dry vermouth and orange curacao. It is usually shaken with crushed ice and served in a champagne flute.

Perfect pick me up drink after 350 miles of driving in some crazy traffic at times…

26 February 2018

Memento Mori!

Chapter 12: Paragraph 36.
Last lines of “Meditations” by Marcus Aurelius

“You have lived as a citizen in a great city. Five years or a hundred – what’s the difference? The laws make no distinction.
And to be sent away from it, not by a tyrant or a dishonest judge, but by Nature, who first invited you in – why is that so terrible?

So make your exit with grace – the same grace shown to you”

As I read somebody else put it…
Death is the final act in our play of life. No need to fear it. You know it’s coming. Just make sure you act the hell out of your role while you’re here.

25 February 2018

Curious minds want to know…

Legendary movie actress from India – Sridevi had an untimely demise. While I am not into movies, even I knew of her. Certainly she was famous enough that news of her demise made it to the New York Times.

But apart from the sadness of such a young life lost, I have a pet peeve. Why do news channels report that “so and so died of a sudden cardiac arrest”. ?

What do you mean “sudden” cardiac arrest? Since when have cardiac arrests been taking appointments? Aren’t all cardiac arrest sudden? What is the origin of such use?

24 February 2018

I guess I can claim to be a “pro” now!

What started as an innocuous goal “Learn how to mix drinks” during one of the off years, soon became a passion. Most of my learning has been old style – I read up a lot of books and I experimented a lot. And bugged a lot of bartenders at bars to learn some of their unique tricks. Over the last four years, I have probably made 500+ different cocktails, visited multiple distilleries and collected some esoteric stuff from different countries to experiment with.

While I have bartended in a few informal events and a couple of corporate events, today was the first time I had a paid gig. Of course, I do this as a hobby. So all money – inclusive of tips was donated to the hostess’s favorite charity.

Thank you Tim and Nanette for featuring me as the mixologist at your private event. I loved the venue. And I loved the guests. Sharmila and I really had a great time. None of this would have been possible without Tim’s meticulous planning, Tanya working with us to set everything to the last bit of detail and an immense amount of help I got from Telvin.

It was Nanette’s birthday. 50th one in fact. It was a lot of fun to research what was America like in 1968 and what were the common drinks being served at New York bars. Eventually, I went with Bourbon Sidecar, Harvey Wallbanger, Seabreeze and Pegu Club. As always in such events, some guests have different tastes leading to some on the spot improvisations – there were a few Cosmopolitans, a couple of Old Fashioneds and a Cape Codder too!

I cannot wait for Nanette to be 40 now!!! 🙂