12 January 2020

This gotta be interesting…

Got a rental car for myself to drive around the island. I had mentally prepared myself to drive on the left side of the road. I kept reminding myself that the drivers instinct is always to keep himself to the middle of the road. So, it all works out.

Except that when I got into the car, I realized it is a US car (driver on left) but I have to drive UK style (left side of the road).

This is going to be interesting…

12 January 2020

Capping out a successful year

Team dinner to celebrate a great year and looking forward to the next one… Missed one of our key members though…

Thank you Malini for your great suggestion for dinner spot. That was total serendipity that last week you were exactly where we are this week. Your reconnaissance served us well last night!

We saw the owner/head chef but I did not get to ask him the burning question I had in my mind. Why put the phone number on the front awning? Once somebody has figured out how to reach there (we made a couple of wrong turns going up the hill), what use would the phone number be of any more? 🙂