7 February 2020

Botol Khuli Hai Raqs Mein Jaam-e-Sharaab Hain

“The Bottle is Open,
The drink in the glass is dancing to it”

Raat Hai Mahtaab Hai Saqi
Sara Mausam Sharab Hai Saqi
Baz Lamhaat Aise Hote Hain
Jin Mein Peena Sawaab Hai Saqi

Somebody with a better understanding of Arabic and Urdu has to help me

’tis night now, ’tis moonlight now
The whole ambience is intoxicated
Every moment feels like where
Drinking is a reward unto itself

3 February 2020

Another first when it comes to delayed flights…

I have had flights get delayed for pretty much every conceivable reason. Or so I thought, till now.

Sitting on a very early flight to Chicago. Everybody on board and doors all closed. But the pilot just came on the PA and announced that we are going to be delayed in pulling out of the gate. Apparently, we do NOT have enough bags!

Did you know that? There needs to be a minimum weight of bags in the cargo hold? Or is it a balance issue? We are now waiting for 400 pounds of ballast to arrive to be loaded.

I did my good day’s job though – checked in my 7 pound overnighter. Apparently, I did not pack enough 🙂

(I like checking in my bag so that I do not have to fight for overhead bin space; I love being one of the last persons to get onboard).

2 February 2020

From the bartender’s corner : Naked and Famous

Created by Joaquin Simo when he was the mixologist at Death and Co (in New York City), this has equal parts mezcal, aperol, chartreuse and lime juice. I went with a trifle lower portion of lime juice (I do not like strong citrus feel in the tongue). This was first published in Ron Cooper’s book “Finding Mezcal”.

The chartreuse and aperol are fairly strong to the palate and the nose respectively. The earthiness of the the mezcal shows up only at the other end of the length. Especially, if you hold the drink for a while in your mouth!!

2 February 2020

A memorable quote from Priti

Last evening, during drinks with Rakesh, Bani, Priti and Avi, somehow the discussions veered towards life, priorities and all those stuff. Avi is taking a break from work – so we were justifiably excited about his adventurous plans.

At one point of time, I mentioned that there is an exact metric to judge how much work we did not have to do in life. And that is the bank balance you will leave behind when you die.

Priti, very thoughtfully, came up with what I thought was a memorable way to put the same sentiment… “Your last check should bounce” 🙂 🙂

1 February 2020

Free Wine! er… I mean Art Show!!

Apparently, free wine was waiting for me in Atlanta after being abroad for a week. Landed in Atlanta, met up with Sharmila at a meeting point and went straight to her art show. As you know from my previous posts, the real attraction for me is the free wine. I understand art as much as a walrus understands rocket science. Maybe even less.

This time, though, there was the additional upside of running into an old friend from yesteryears – Hunt and his wife Mary-Elizabeth!

1 February 2020

Apparently, I had 27 standing hours in a 24 hour day

Apple Watch tracks how much time you spend sitting versus standing. The current thought process is that sitting – especially for extended periods of time – is not good for your physical health. The watch tracks if you have stood up at least once in an hour and moved around. The goal it sets is 12 such hours. Every hour, if you have not stood up and moved, it beeps you with a stern message – a la my primary school teachers – “Stand up”.

That watch thinks that I have achieved 27 such hours yesterday. (Of course, it got fooled by the fact that I was traveling against the spin of the earth and therefore “gained” extra hours in a “day”)

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