22 June 2018

Reconnaissance mission…

If you have not heard of the Tail of the Dragon, it is a very circuitous route in North Carolina/Tennessee border that is often considered a rite of passage for motorbikers. It is something I have a goal for myself to conquer someday on my motorbike. The 11 mile route has 318 switchbacks – and some very steep hair pin bends. On a bike, you rarely get to sit up. You are constantly pushing your bike down to the left or immediately recovering to push it down to the right. The route, unfortunately, claims one biker’s life every year on an average. There are some interesting statues and structures made of broken motorcycle parts at the entrance.

Since we were in North Carolina already, we decided to enter Tennessee thru the Dragon. Of course, I was much safer in a car. But I wanted to get a feel for the route. It is as demanding and scary as it is billed to be.

Someday, I will make it on my motorbike. For the time being, I slayed the dragon in a car…

22 June 2018

Lazy evening…

After dinner, we came back to the hotel and instead of going to the bar, I got the wine out and sat on a bench next to the hotel. After Facetiming both the daughters, I settled down to feel the light breeze and watch the people going by. Sharmila got busy ordering food from Amazon and getting it delivered to Nikita (apparently, she has run thru her stock of snacks for three weeks within half that time !!)

21 June 2018

Random rest stop

Day 1 of journey to nowhere in particular

Stopped at a random rest stop up in the mountains. I think we were near Waynesville in North Carolina. Brought out the snacks and drinks and enjoyed all the vehicles – especially all those motorcycles – zooming by on the highway. It was a steep slope and with the trucks engine braking downhill and the motorcycles screaming uphill, it was anything but quiet.

21 June 2018

Journey without a destination…

Natasha is in New York and Nikita is in Duke. Not knowing what else to do, Sharmila and I decided to hit the road. We have no particular destination. We will take it easy on the road, enjoy the small things and experience those things we miss when we are in a hurry to go somewhere.

We will stay in the Midwest and East Coast zone, visit a couple of friends as we meander around and then eventually find our way to Nikita in Duke ten days later and get her back home.