13 February 2020

Friday came early…

“Aankh uthi mohabbat ne angrai li
Dil ka sauda hua chaandni raat mein
Unki nazron ne kuch aisa jadoo kiya
Loot gaye hum to pehli mulaqat mein”

Roughly translated…

“She lifted her eyes, and deep inside me
Love was aroused from its slumber
Our hearts were fatefully exchanged
In that beautiful moonlight bathed night

Her long gaze had some magical aura
That I did not quite understand; but this much I know
I was completely and truly robbed
In that very first meeting we ever had”

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11 February 2020

Here is another puzzle

There are three archers – Hubert, Anamika and myself. Hubert is the world renowned, highly decorated Olympics champion from Belgium who is a “sure shot”. Meaning he never misses. Then there is Anamika – who is a amateur archer but has gotten her game to a point where she scores 2 out of 3 times. And then there is Rajib – yours truly – who barely knows which end of the arrow should point towards you. And I have an average starter’s chance of success – 1 in 3.

We find ourselves in a contest where we can only survive by killing the other two. (One successful shot with the arrow is enough to kill anybody). Also, we three are highly intelligent and know how to calculate probabilities of success. (With that level of intelligence, how we got ourselves into this situation is a good question but terrible for this puzzle).

The rules are the following:
Since I am the novice, I get the first shot.
Next, Anamika – being the second best shot goes. Of course, that assumes I did not aim at her and succeeded in which case Hubert goes next.
Once Hubert has had a chance (assuming he was still alive after I and Anamika had our shots), the cycle continues.
So it is me -> Anamika -> Hubert -> repeat till there is one person standing.

The question is: What should be my strategy as the first shot to maximize my chances of still living after the whole ordeal.

9 February 2020

From the bartender’s corner: Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique

I have to admit there are not too many weirder cocktail names I have seen compared to this. I had no idea what this name meant. Studied it up and learnt that in the movie “Kill Bill” (which I have never seen), there was apparently a type of “Touch of Death” (look this one up in Wikipedia) where a person is hit in five different pressure points in the body. Then, when the person moves, after five steps, his/her heart explodes. Presumably leading to death.

Even after that explanation, I have no clue what connection this cocktail has to it. But something must have inspired Erick Castro – the mixologist at Polite Provisions in San Diego to come up with this name.

This has mezcal, sweet vermouth, coffee liqueur and chocolate bitters.

Fairly desultory to the nose and the palate.

9 February 2020

From the bartender’s corner – Fire and Ice

A few days back, a colleague of mine – Denise Piatt – talked about a cocktail she had at Mockingbird Cafe in Dundee, IL. It is a bourbon based drink but she liked the kick of the jalapenos and cinnamon in it.

Last night I tried a variation of it. Instead of jalapenos, I muddled in some Ahi Chileno that we had brought from Chile. Instead of muddling cinnamon, I went with the Goldschlager cinnamon liqueur.

Additionally, this has maple and bourbon.

Was a great cocktail for the snowed in evening in Atlanta. And to go with the theme of Fire and Ice, I had it while sitting in 102 degrees water out in the snow!!

9 February 2020

Sunday morning puzzle.

(well, evening, if you are on the other side of the world).

Start by getting six identical coins. Arrange them in the pattern “A” as shown in the picture. (An equilateral triangle).

The goal is to eventually land up with the pattern “B” – again, as shown in the picture. (A straight line).

Here are the rules…
1. You cannot lift a coin – merely slide from its current position to the new position.
2. You move one coin at a time.
3. When you move a coin, no other coin changes position.
4. IMPORTANT: When you move a coin to a new position, in that new position, it MUST touch TWO other coins at least.

Finally, this is not a trick question – nor is there any sleight of the hand involved.

I am sure there are many ways of doing it but the one I got needed me 7 moves. (Not sure if that is the shortest way though)

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