6 October 2018

Why try to fit in?

… when you are born to stand out?

Had an enjoyable time participating in Atlanta Buddy Walk to raise funds and awareness for the cause of Down Syndrome. The sun was hot as heck but it was good to be with our team captain Rishi and everybody else who came to support him and the cause.

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29 September 2018

Have you ever seen anything like this?

We had reached our destination during our motorbike ride this morning and all of us pulled over for a coffee. The whole area (Dahlonega) is a very popular place for bikers – especially on a great sunny weekend day like today.

We were all having coffee and watching the other bikes and bikers when we saw this really cool thing happen. A bike pulled up to the traffic light and stopped.


The dog had a seat belt strapping him down to his seat. As we started excitedly pointing each other towards that bike, the dog casually turned around and looked at us.


And then nonchalantly rode off with his rider as the signal turned green!

Haven’t seen something this cool in quite some time!!

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28 September 2018

Friday evening unwinding

“Deep chhilo, shikha chhilo
Shudhu tumi chhiley na boley alo jollona
Bhasha chhilo katha chhilo
Kachhe daakley na boley mon katha bollo na”

The lamp was there, as was the wick
But without you, there was no spark of fire
Words were there, as was my voice
But without your beckoning my heart remained mute.

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28 September 2018

From the bartender’s corner – Domo Arigato

I believe that means Thank You in Japanese but I have no idea what Ran Duan – the mixologist at the Baldwin Bar in Woburn, Mass who came up with this cocktail – had in mind when he chose this name.

One of the most interesting ingredient is the couple of drops of sesame oil giving it the faintly nutty aroma. Other than that you have the mezcal, some fresh ginger juice, simple syrup, lime juice and chilled club soda.

Refreshing drink for the evening.