2 April 2017

Driving on the other side…

Today was the pinnacle of my driving on the “other” side. The goal was to take wiperless turns. It took me some time to get used to changing the transmission drive with my left hand and that short left turn and looking to the right at the roundabouts and all that. But try as I might, I never could program it in my mind that the indicator light controls are on my right.

Every single turn, I would go – “Okay, I am turning left. That is a short turn. I need to look to my right. Got it. I am prepared. Now, let’s get everybody else prepared.” Then I should have gone “here is my left turn indicator blinking……. and….. and …..here I turn”. Instead it went something like “here is my left turn indicator …. and… WHOA! Where did the wipers start swinging from?”. Total confusion!! Not that having the rain wipers on on a bright sunlit day is  not ridiculous enough. I would be panicking at that moment – “where is the danged turn indicator”?

A quick fraction of a second later, senses would come back to me. Swift push up on the stick out on the right of the steering wheel and a swift push down on the stick on the left and the world ostensibly would be alright again.

I would pull up to the intersection, the left indicator flicking merrily and I looking to my right with that “I got this one” attitude towards my fellow passengers when that imbecile of a wiper would sweep again! What do you know? I had not pushed the stick all the way up. So, the wipers were still operational – just with a slower speed.

After three days of driving thusly, today’s sole goal was to make completely wiperless turns. And I might add, with great satisfaction, that when I pulled the car into the rental car center, I had successively done so.

Now watch for all the fun once I reach Atlanta and pull our car from the parking lot 🙂 🙂

2 April 2017

It is not like the Grand Cayman Island was not beautiful…

… it was in fact beyond beautiful. Back in New York, Natasha, rearranged her schedule to fit Nikita and her UN program activities and then visited her. In fact, she took her around New York a bit and even took her to her dorm. What is more, the rumor on the street has it that they talked about boys!!

Then they sent this picture to us. Cayman Islands lost all its beauty at that point to me. I really wanted to be in New York. Watching the two girls get together as siblings without the parents and bond with each other (for the record, I am not insisting it had to be about boys 🙂 ) – somewhere, somehow I felt that Sharmila and I might have done a few things right…