23 March 2014

Birthday wishes. It is more than a wish.

After the effusive praises (I am sure I am deserving of far less) Jenny Nash showered on me for wishing her a happy birthday, I got thinking first thing in the morning – how did I even get started? I greet over 2000 people happy birthday every year and sure enough, it had a very interesting beginning.

In 1995, I was promoted to be a manager – for the first time in my life. I was to be development manager of a few UI developers. I asked myself how could I differentiate myself? I already knew – with occasional reminders from well wishers like Bob Hart πŸ™‚ – that I was not much of my developer myself. (I guess that is why I got promoted? πŸ˜‰ ). I had resolved to see if I could excel in Customers and People. And it was that thirst to be known to be a great people manager that drove me to understand how to recruit talent, build talent, develop talent and so on. And in the process also how to get to know people at a deep level.

One of the tools I had developed was to greet my teammates on two days of the year – their birthday and their anniversary day (in our company). It was fairly uncommon in those days – at least in my company – so much so that most believed that I had a cron job (automated; those days I worked in Unix) that I had set up. Eventually, the feedback to this practice was so overwhelmingly positive that I enlarged to include team members from outside my team, then customers, personal friends and now just about anybody I meet.

I had had some hilarious bumps on the way. One of the early ones – and this has happened multiple times – was when I became a higher level manager. Every time we had a new employee, I would write down their joining date and then ask for their birthday. More than one employee had complained to HR about this. Lady employees were uncomfortable sharing their age and elderly employees were afraid of discrimination if management knew their age!! This, inspite, of clarifying that I was seeking just month and day!!!

This continued for a few years. Year after year, I would send birthday emails out. And no, they were not copy pasted. And then technology like FB came and messed me up. First, everybody started to wish everybody publicly on FB about their birthdays. This had two issues. When I wished somebody, many felt I picked up their birthday from FB – which I thought diminished the value of the effort I was putting. (I write it in my calendar). And the whole unique value prop was under threat.

So, after a year, I had to improvise my strategy. I realized that FB had made it easy for people to send wishes (and also for the recipient to send mass Thank You in one message). To create a niche, I had to focus on quality. And that thought has now started a process where I am moving away from email based wishes to actually calling people up.

I am in transition. I am still settling in the new process. Given my travel schedule and the different time zones in the world, I do not often make it every day – in which case, I will wish by email at the end of the day. Long commute hours is something I do not hate any more!! Also, I leverage FB to send personal messages to wish if email and phone number bounce back. (For whatever it is worth, I hate wishing people publicly. I still think of it as a very personal one-on-one message).

And then FB royally extracted its revenge on me last year. Made the mistake of connecting FB to my address book. It quickly overwrote my painstakingly gathered birthdays with the self-declared birthdays of the person in FB. (Without asking me how to resolve the conflicts!!!! πŸ™ ) It is often that people purposely give a wrong birth date. (This is a good practice, in my opinion, given the amount of identity theft in the world). And that started the process of me wishing somebody on a wrong date, finding it the humiliating way that I had messed up and then correcting my address book πŸ™‚ And promising never to connect my address book directly to the social media πŸ™‚ A few of those errors are still taking some time to work out the kinks. My friend from Dallas – Badri – knows very well how I have raised wishing him on the wrong day to a level of fine art!!!!

That said, I have had some positive outcomes too!! In December 2004, a birthday wish to a sales guy I had not met for a long time led him to get me to meet his client and one thing led to the other and that January, he signed a rather large deal. And yes, he, as well as the two key guys on the client side still get birthday wishes from me annually!! Another story – in October 2012, I left a voicemail for an executive at a customer wishing him happy birthday! When he returned the call, one thing led to the other again, and in a few months, he switched jobs to work in my current company!!!! There are numerous such experiences I fondly remember.

So, I am often asked, where do I get the energy to do all this? Well first, I think this is a great way to network with people. Once a year, this forces me to think of my people in the network and talk / connect with them. You never know when I may be of help or they might be able to help me. As Jenny said, “paying it forward”.

I also have found this as an excellent way of keeping my address book updated. Beats the business model of Plaxo πŸ™‚

But the real reason is that I feel indebted greatly to people who have touched my life. In so many ways, I am the end result of all the cumulative influence people around me have had over the years. While I say “Happy Birthday”, I guess, what I am saying is “In this short journey of life of yours and mine, I am delighted that we had the opportunity to walk together for a few steps. Every step in that journey has enriched me and made me a better man. Thank you for that. My call today is to let you know that I have not forgotten you nor what you meant to me. Because today is special to you, it is special to me too. Thank you again and I certainly will seek more intersection points with you in my path.”

And to be able to convey that heartfelt “Thanks”, I can always find the energy to get up a little early to make sure I make time to wish you on your special day!

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I wish you a Happy Birthday!!!

23 March 2014

Chalupa – the young kids rule!!

The prospect of impending rain did not keep the Chalupa runners from showing up! Fortunately, the rains held up till just about the time we finished. What was amazing was that we had an elementary school student – Raya – who had gone to sleep at 2 am the previous night (late night party) – showed up nevertheless and ran with us. You can see me and her in the picture going β€œtoe-to-toe” so to speak πŸ™‚ to symbolize that she was ready to match the adults at every step of stamina and strength.
Two high schoolers – Mishtu and Pooja as well as a middle schooler – Remi were there too. Pooja and I ran the β€œfast mile” together. We clocked at 7:15 min/mile. By the way, we need to find out why the young boys of our group are sleeping in when the girls are coming out to run.
It was good to see Sudipto, Nachiketa and the ever reliable Samaresh, Malobika and Ashok on the trail. It was even better to have the coffee together at Starbucks!!


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22 March 2014

Nikispeak early in the morning!

Early this morning Niki and I woke up and we sat in her bedroom chatting in hushed tones so the rest of the house would not wake up. During the one hour chat, the topic came up about a livecam set up by Berry College in an eagle’s nest that she saw. (You can show your kids, it is very cute : www.berry.edu/eaglecam).
In any case, she was excitedly telling me about the egg hatching and the mom taking care of the baby eagle, feeding it and all that. Then, she mentioned that in the evening, the “husband” eagle flew in.

Barely concealing my amusement, I asked her how did she conclude that it was the “husband” eagle?

Niki just shrugged her shoulders and said “Oh! It was constantly fighting the mother eagle”!!!!

I conceded that no further proof is required πŸ™‚

19 March 2014

Crimea: History does not run a control experiment.

First off, I absolutely am of the belief that when it comes to countries, there are no friends or enemies – just interests. Regardless of the geopolitical interest that Crimea itself generates for US (which should be precious little) the issue at hand is letting Russia go uncontested as it increases its power and direct control. This is against strategic interest of US (which is interested in seeing a weaker Russia) and therefore US needs to and should raise hell and try to exact a price for Russia’s actions. Such geopolitical issues are far more complex, interrelated and nuanced than most of us probably fathom.

That said, I was struck by President Obama’s declaration “Russia is on the wrong side of history”.

There is an assumption in that statement that history, in the long term, will “right” this by reversing this action. First and foremost, my observation is that history has never judged “right” from “wrong”. It has only judged victors from the vanquished. Victors then wrote their version of the story. And since history has no ability to run a control experiment, that story, then called history, became “right” and always has looked kindly on the action of the victors and harshly on the vanquished.

The second difficulty is that the history of political ownership and geographical boundaries of that part of the world and by extension Central Europe too is like God’s cruel giant etch-a-sketch. There is an excellent video of this that has gone viral that depicts over time how the boundaries and ownerships have changed (http://youtu.be/nq0KNfS_M44) and thus the definition of “right” and “wrong” has flip-flopped! Out of curiosity, I started reading the history of Crimea and here is the summary:

The following is just in the last 100 years!! Before that Crimea was occupied or ruled by the Greeks, the Romans, the Goths, the Huns, the Bulgars, the Kievan Rus, the Byzantine empire, the Kipchaks, the Mongols… You name them.

1917-1921: Incredibly enough, in these four years, Crimea existed as or part of 10 different countries!!! (Under Tatar govt, Bolshevik govt, German govt, British govt, Anti-Bolshevik govt and so on….)
1921: Crimea became Autonomous Crimean SSR and became then part of the Russian SSR which eventually became part of the Soviet Union.
1941: Crimea devastated by the Nazis. All cities razed to the ground. Crimea ruled by Nazis.
1944: Red Army takes over Crimea and Stalin forcibly moves out all indigenous Tatars out of the country. Half of them died. Greeks and Armenians were ethnically cleaned too. That is how Russian people started settling and overtaking Crimean land.
1954: Nikita Khruschev (President of USSR) unexpectedly “gifts” Crimea to Ukraine!
1991: Majority (54%) in Crimea referendum choose to stay independent of Russia. they become part of independent Ukraine.
1999: Crimea becomes Autonomous Republic of Crimea with its own parliament and constitution.
17th Mar, 2014: Crimea declared independence as Republic of Crimea
18th Mar, 2014: Crimea votes to be part of Russia. Thus making it the shortest lived independent country ever in history!!

It would be interesting to see how we can ever prove or disprove President Obama’s statement.

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