13 February 2015

With friends like these…

Everybody around me has been waxing eloquent about “Data and Analytics” and something else called “Big Data” or something. Being the most ignorant on these issues, I asked somebody to help me. I was told that data is like people. If you keep interrogating them, eventually, they will tell you what you want to hear 🙂

So, I tried something last night. I took all my Facebook posts of this month and checked how many of my friends liked each one of them. And therefore what did it say about my friends.

To refresh your memory, this month, I had the recent case of when I made an idiot of myself (went to the airport when I did not need to), an inspiring story of the family who have adopted multiple kids from Ethiopia and China, the random saxophone player I made friends with at Atlanta airports, some usual posts of cocktails I made and some runs I put in – one of them showing only grainy pictures of Biscayne Bay, a funny poster asking if you are drunk, meeting an old friend and his wife in Houston and a very interesting puzzle involving permutation and combination.