25 August 2019

10K on an overcast day

It felt good to start early for the Saturday run. The sky was completely covered in clouds, the temperatures were low and there was a light breeze in the air.

Picked up my pace to sub-10 to finish a 10K under an hour. Was feeling really good about my pace till a couple with a dog raced past me. I have obviously seen a lot of fast runners. But what deflated me was the dog looking back as it passed me from my left and giving that “You call that running?” look with a smirk as big as a grin…

Ran into the good old Chalupa group towards the end.

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24 August 2019

Early morning bike and hike

For the first time did motorbiking on the highways in the dark. Reached Stone Mountain way before sunrise and hiked it to the top with Ashish! After climbing down, he suggested we do it one more time – and we did! Went back to the top of the mountain for another round. I am glad we had started early. It had started becoming real hot when we got done…

10 August 2019

Saturday morning run

Lia organized it but unfortunately had to leave early due to a knee injury. Ran most of the 10Kish distance with Valerie. It seems like I put in a run with Val once every 3 years or so!! Was great to catch up with her. Also got to meet another runner – Susan. She stayed back to do 20 miles (32K). That is some tenacity!!

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