22 February 2020

Almost bounced back

It was a little depressing after my last run post to realize that age is going to eventually take running away from me. This morning I was trying to see if I could fight back a little. Just as I reached the trailhead, I got a call from Amitesh for an unrelated topic. He asked me how much was I going to run? 10K?

I had no goal. I just wanted to run the way I used to enjoy running. No measuring distance, speed or time. Run on the roads with lot of water stops and traffic stops etc. (Sometimes I would run for 5-6 hours). That is what I told him.

But that 10K he asked stuck in my mind. I thought I could prove to myself that I can beat age by putting a 10K in one hour. (which for me is very fast now).

Missed it by a minute. 1 hour 1 min. 6.2 miles (10K). Age got me again!! At least I finished out 10K. The challenge though is now I am increasingly wary of the pains in the joints and muscles. Let’s see how long this run versus old age lasts for me…

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