8 December 2018

5K run in a gloomy day!

Running in continuous rains with temperatures in the 30s F? That felt idiotic.

Realizing that I had not brought my gloves and had no head gear but the baseball cap? That was beyond idiotic.

Realizing that people were staring at me from their cars at the traffic lights wondering what kind of idiot would run in this weather? Now, that inexplicably, felt very good!!

So, does that make me a real idiot or merely an aspiring one?

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20 November 2018

A run in the beach with Amitesh

Far cry from the runs he and I put together in that winter of 2009 in Atlanta. (We had to use five layers of clothes once when it was 0 degrees Fahrenheit). This was way more comfortable!! Subsequently, he has focused more on his tennis rather than running.

And that marks my country number 22 to have run in till date.

6 October 2018

Why try to fit in?

… when you are born to stand out?

Had an enjoyable time participating in Atlanta Buddy Walk to raise funds and awareness for the cause of Down Syndrome. The sun was hot as heck but it was good to be with our team captain Rishi and everybody else who came to support him and the cause.

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23 September 2018

Only for the second time this year…

Lately, I have been going thru a running rut. I cannot seem to get enthused to go for the long runs that I used to love. Worse, these days after a couple of miles, I feel tired and out of breath. I guess age is starting to slow me down.

Last night, I wrote to a few of the old long distance runner friends to see if running with the old friends might get my energy back. Lia agreed to run a 10 miler with me. It has been a long time since I have run 10 miles. In fact, I checked my record book – that was on Feb 3rd.

I got hungry, tired and wanted to quit after a few miles today too. But thanks to Lia, I continued to keep up with her and finally managed to finish 10 miles.

I think I am going to run with the long distance runner friends of mine till I can get back to my old energy level.

Thank you Lia for keeping me going.

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