17 June 2017

Half marathon on a warm Saturday morning

Started the run by myself not sure how much I was going to put in. After the first mile, ran into Samaresh running from the other side. Turned around and ran with him. He was clipping at a pretty good rate. The snake he had seen a mile before might have something to do with it 🙂

After we ran for four miles together, he left having completed his longest run in quite some time. I went back to the trail to put in another eight miles.

That 13.1 miles (21Km) took 2 hours and 15 minutes in 86 deg F (30 deg C). The sight breeze and shade in the trail took most of the pain out of the heat…

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3 June 2017

Sometimes all you need is somebody to run with…

Still under the weather. Thought will go for a run and try to shake it off. Instead, within a few miles, the run started to shake me up. After some time the cramps were getting a little too painful to enjoy the run. Turned around and headed back to the starting point.

Just as I started the fourth mile, ran into Indrani. Turned around once again and joined her in her 5 mile run. Running with somebody else was distracting enough that I forgot about the pains. By the time we finished, I had completed six miles already.

And then went back to the trail by myself one last time to put in four more miles to make it a full ten miles.

It would be interesting to see how the body retaliates now 🙂

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24 May 2017

Second attempt at the run was a little more successful

Samaresh, Arup and I ditched the idea of running in the trail and instead ran on concrete sidewalks. The road was very hilly and there were some great spots for taking “action” pictures. Unfortunately my phone was almost drained of battery and therefore, I had left it in the car. When we came back, I took a chance and put it on the car hood to take a picture of us. It did. About three seconds before completely dying!!

Lucked out with this picture…

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