24 August 2019

Early morning bike and hike

For the first time did motorbiking on the highways in the dark. Reached Stone Mountain way before sunrise and hiked it to the top with Ashish! After climbing down, he suggested we do it one more time – and we did! Went back to the top of the mountain for another round. I am glad we had started early. It had started becoming real hot when we got done…

5 May 2019

The “anti-rain” song

John, Tej and myself went around aimlessly on our bikes thru backroads and country roads in northern Georgia. Eventually, we landed up at Pelican Pete by Lake Lanier to grab a lunch. As we were having lunch, it started raining. Which kind of got us grounded till the rain Gods would co-operate.

The “Woodys” – husband wife team that was singing there saw our plight and announced on the mic – “We are now going to do an anti-rain song for the motorcycle dudes so that they can keep the shiny side up and the rubbery side down!” And they went on to sing a song. I do not listen to any English music – so I have no idea what they sang.

But sure enough, in the middle of the song, the rains held up – much to amusement of all the lunch-goers there. And did not come back. Made our ride back so much more enjoyable!!!