2 December 2018

The sun came out!!!

Predictably, so did the motorbikers! Four of us – Avi, Rakesh, John and yours truly rode to Norcross for a lunch at the Iron Horse Tavern. While in my old stomping grounds, of course, I had to meet my old buddies Tim and Nanette too! We missed you Marte!

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7 October 2018

Perfect day for a long ride with Magesh and Avi

Nearly 200 miles (300km) ride on a glorious, sunny but cool day.
Breakfast at Ellijay, short stop at Morganton, coffee break at the popular bikers’ place – Two Wheels in Suches (picture from there) and then back home.
The inset will show some additional adventure we had. Had to pull over by the highway due to a flat tire in one of the bikes.

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29 September 2018

Have you ever seen anything like this?

We had reached our destination during our motorbike ride this morning and all of us pulled over for a coffee. The whole area (Dahlonega) is a very popular place for bikers – especially on a great sunny weekend day like today.

We were all having coffee and watching the other bikes and bikers when we saw this really cool thing happen. A bike pulled up to the traffic light and stopped.


The dog had a seat belt strapping him down to his seat. As we started excitedly pointing each other towards that bike, the dog casually turned around and looked at us.


And then nonchalantly rode off with his rider as the signal turned green!

Haven’t seen something this cool in quite some time!!

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