18 March 2018

It was all about local laws!!

The idea was to return the motorbikes to Magesh and Avijit (if you remember, they had left their bikes in my garage last Friday). I had just finished my long run this morning. The skies in Georgia could not be any bluer and the sun was out in full glory. The temperatures were high sixties promising to touch low seventies soon.

We convinced ourselves that it was against Georgia law NOT to take the bikes out for a ride on a day like this. The excuse was of course that we needed to grab a lunch outside somewhere.

The lunch place turned out to be an old haunt of ours in Dawsonville. Not because there were not any other lunch places in the thirty five odd miles between my house and the Dawsonville Tavern. It was just that none of them involved a lovely motorbike ride thru rural roads of Georgia like this one!!

21 January 2018

First long ride …

The weather was gorgeous. Perfect day to you out as a group and enjoy some long rides in rural Georgia. I also learnt that I am terrible without a GPS 🙂

Thanks Ramesh, Magesh and Tanvir for coming out for a great time. You helped me gain some self confidence. We missed our veteran rider Avijit today.