31 January 2018

It was the pink color that got our attention first…

The moment our car emerged from our property and turned east on the dirt road, Niki and I noticed the rich pink color in the sky thru the trees. We pulled forward for a couple of hundred yards where the trees started clearing up and was immediately faced with the usage of a riot of colors. We could see yellow, orange and pink. Then there was sky blue and dark blue. Crisp, cold morning.

The sight was ephemeral though. Three minutes later, as we came to the end of the dirt road, we noticed that the distinctly pink color was gone and had changed to bright orange!

13 November 2017

This is why I love living in the rural, hilly parts of Georgia

This morning, you could sense the stillness of the moment as the hills and forests struggled to wake up thru the blanket of fog to another day. Occasionally, the serene tranquility would get interrupted by a startled darting deer here and a falling water drop from the leaves there. The dirt roads lay still by the horse farm picket fences unmolested as of yet by the tires of cars scampering the equally sleepy kids to their schools.

It was like time had stood still.

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