13 June 2017

Accidental shot…

I had reached the turning point in my run. Took a quick picture of the bridge under which I turned. Later, over breakfast, as I was checking the pictures, I realized that the shot managed to capture a bird of prey (eagle? falcon? hawk) take off in full glory. I had not even noticed the bird!!! It could not have been more than a few yards awY from me behind the bushes.

I wish the sun was behind me instead of in front. The light and color has not come thru well…

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6 June 2017

East Bengal!!

That is an American Goldfinch with a Red Cardinal.

Growing up in a place where soccer was immensely popular, yellow and red were the jersey colors of one of the top two teams those days – called East Bengal. Rivalry between the top two teams amongst its fans was pretty intense. I was with the other team – Mohun Bagan. I am not sure I will ever see a green and a purple color bird on my bird feeder ever!